How to build a solar cooker from a satellite dish and a few other inexpensive materials.
I used Intertape foil tape on a dish, applying it one strip at a time. Takes a lot of time but the tape holds up well.
Another idea for you. At the local Walmart in their camping department, you can buy a solar blanket that is highly reflective for under $4. It could be cut into strips and applied with spray adhesive. As soon as I run across an unused dish I am going to make one. Thanks for your instructable. You have some awesome ideas.
Good idea, well done, but you need a bigger surface to cook a decent portion of food. <br> <br>A reasonable area would be 1 square meter, it is to say 1.25 m diameter. <br> <br>Additionally I suggest you an equatorial mounting for the parable, it facilitates the use. But the food must be static, to avoid spills.
Thanks for the advice - you are absolutely correct. This dish can cook a meal for one or two people max. I have three other follow-up videos on YouTube that show some of the food I tried.

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