How to make a somewhat silent pretty fast multi-shot bb gun from your old nerf gun.

Picture of How to make a somewhat silent pretty fast multi-shot bb gun from your old nerf gun.
This instructable explains how to make yourself a bb gun from your old nerf gun and some other parts. Some could say this is a mod of
from Perjak but this is different by quite a bit. In this you sacrifice your gun for a stronger airsoft gun. And I am sorry perjak because i did kinda steal just the pen or straw sticking out.

Step 1: Materials

Materials list is pretty short:
All you need is your gun
A screwdriver (to get the head off)
Airsoft pellets or bbs
a strong straw
a mechanical pencil
a LOT of tape
perhaps a rubber band for the more auto-loady less dependable peice
berkay666 months ago

that water gun is very good if you pump him 50x

emuostrich6 years ago
Man.....not to be a jerk or anything but, that is a waste of a a SupermaXX 1500 old edition!!!!! You know how much you can get for one of those on ebay/NerfHaven? I've paid $20+ for a SupermaXX 750 (old edition). If you're going to do this, do it with a cheaper not-as-rare one like the Air Tech 2000 or something. The SupermaXX 1500 is one of the best that Nerf has provided. And everyone, join my site at http://www.theinnercore.webs.com. Join NOW and you'll get a nice incentive.
thingygoboom (author)  emuostrich5 years ago
I can not believe that, that thing was a piece of junk.
Thank you for telling me!
yukas6 years ago
the straw is not needed
sharlston yukas6 years ago
it is to reload and to make the bb fly straighter for more power and accuracy
PKTraceur6 years ago
Does this work for water guns? -PKT
benfoxg6 years ago
waste of rare nerf guns. (supermaxx and 1st gen nf)
MR Bobb6 years ago
Sounds very fragile
rada1946 years ago
that looks like a water gun
your right
hurry up
prety good dude
DIY Dave8 years ago
Could you use a super soaker (squirt gun) for this in a similar way?
You know those squirt guns that you pump like crazy for a minute or so, but then will shoot several bursts of water or one big one, depending on how long you hold the trigger? If you swapped the nozzle for a barrel, you could easily use one of those. As for the Super Soaker Glorified Tube With A Plunger, I don't see how it wouldn't work, so I guess go for it.
thingygoboom (author)  DIY Dave8 years ago
Well if you really wanted to. The thing is is that the super soaker gives a stream instead of one push. Though you could make an smg of sorts... ill look into it. Or you could attach a bottle (water or gatorade) to the front and put a quick release beyond that to shoot a bb at high speeds... im gonna try that... thanks for asking!
Mike.Magz7 years ago
what is the plunger?
dudyman7 years ago
it sounds like it isn't very accurate because of all the tape
paulm8 years ago
i have the same model of airsoft gun converterd to a bb/dart gun as well! I put sights on mine and made an airtight seal between a barrel and a ballpoint pen casing that allows me to fire bb's a a higher velocity then my 35 year old dasiy bb gun,
say88got8 years ago
how do you makethat bb gun out of the nerf gun with the lazer pointer
thingygoboom (author)  say88got8 years ago
You just hot glue the straw into the head and hot glue some other parts on ill have pix soon
Mace428 years ago
pretty cool. ill make one as soon as i get my hands on a crappy nerf gun
Vendigroth8 years ago
i've got a little paintball popgun, it uses a spring to push a piston forward thereby providing the pressuse, shoots the paintball, you get the picture. Having run out of paintballs one day, i decided to make some alternative ammunition. I started with balls of blu-tak: no good, v. little range and accuracy, so i extended the design into a more sort of slug-shape and added a cavity at the back, now it acted like a parachute. Great stuff. A few more tries and i had blu-tak slugs and steel balls, wrapped in tissue paper to get a good fit in the barrel. I'd also got a confetti gun recently. I emptied a few of the confetti shells and they were fairly heavy plastic, just big enough to fit in the gun.....and if i put the red percussion cap back on the end, they were explosive tipped.... in my right hand, i held the gun, aimed an my left forearm and fired. The little explosion from the cap only singed a few hairs, but the plastic shell made a bif o-shaped bruise on my arm for weeks I don't know where i'm going with this, but i'll tell you: When done correctly, your own ammo and designs are better than the manufacturer's
thingygoboom (author)  Vendigroth8 years ago
often it is true and when your guns break you know where everything is and it is easy to fix. Manufacturer guns fall apart readily and are hard to actually open up. thankyou!
Easy Button8 years ago
looks cool might make it but one question wat nerf gun is that in ur pic??
thingygoboom (author)  Easy Button8 years ago
Sorry cant help you there its something thats pretty old tho... On another Note! just saying i have checked the spring guns and i did manage to make it using hot glue drilling a hole in the top. Shoots really well too still have a welt from seeing if it shot.
perjak8 years ago
hey looks pretty sweet. ive been wondering how to make it so you dont have to muzzle load every shot you want to take. a mechanical pencil is a good idea. and dont worry, instructables is about sharing ideas. good instructable, i hope to see more. thanks - Perjak