Step 6: Adding the Foil

First get your foil and fold it into a rough rectangle that will fit in the bottom of your battery pack. Pack it down with something like a chopstick. I used a thin ruler. It's best not to make the foil TOO flat or else it won't make good electrical contact with the batteries.
<p>thanks, it fitted pretty well, now i can play halo 4 with my brother</p>
Oh thanks god my charging cable was cutted and i finally have a new battery pack<br>thank you
Judging by your finger in next step, I think that should be in centimeters.
7 mm across seems rather small. Hopefully it isn't the part I think it is.
the top, second measurement is 5.3 mm but the on below it is the exact same size but says it is 3.4 mm. which is it?
Ignore that, that's called MSPaint in 30 seconds. This was a terrible quality image, and I did a typo there. It's 3.4mm. I'll fix that eventually.
you know you could just tape 2 batters together (1 flipped) and tape down a piece of tin to one side for a quick fix
I tried this, but they don't stick to the contacts well, and keep making the controller reset, and tape can be messy and uncomfortable. The instructable battery pack is more permanent and lasts longer. Sticking the batteries together is useless in comparison.
ya but mean the tap can be good for a quick fix.
I'll try this out my battery pack for my xbox 360 controller broke clean in half
Glad you liked it! ;)<br />
&nbsp;Very nice!!<br /> &nbsp;I will definitely be doing this, if only for my friends with Xboxes.

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