video How to make a spinning motor top toy!
thanks for watching!!
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Very nice.

I am now having thought on builing one that uses the motor to keep it lifted.

Maybe a gyroscope...???
FlameHazard3 years ago
thats realy cool... ill have to look for a moter and make one :D
merdal3 years ago
how do i get the moter
you can get one from a remote controle car
I like this.
TigrisLi (author)  cloudifornia4 years ago
Thank you, can u Please vote for it in the toy challenge contest?
Already done.
TigrisLi (author)  cloudifornia4 years ago
tato3124 years ago
Nice project!
made while watching the video (:

The only thing I would add is that you can save the copper wire too, but I think its not that necessary :P

Anyways, thanks for this nice little toy! (:
Data643 tato3124 years ago
The enamel coating on the wire would wear off when you removed it, so the wire would no longer be insulated.
art.z4 years ago
When I was little I used t get these motors from toys and stick a 9V battery to it's poles until it spin really fast. Then I'd put it upside down on the table and it would spin... Kinda like an electric top!!

I never had the idea to open one up though... Nice instructable!
TigrisLi (author)  art.z4 years ago
Thanks! Please rate it 5 stars!!
TigrisLi (author)  knexinventer4 years ago