A spinning pot or zine rack is easy to make from an old bike wheel. They are handy for de-cluttering the kitchen and keeping pots and utensils accessible (it spins!) or for displaying zines in a dining/ study room or hang out space. it would also be possible to use as a clothes rack (hooked spokes could be substituted for clothes hangers) and many more things I'm sure!

Front bike wheel including hub, spokes and rim (tyre and tube not needed)
Tyre levers
Spoke key
Flat head screwdriver
Degreaser/white vinegar
If the wheel is rusty or in bad condition you may need:
Steel wool
WD 40
Wire cutters
Two spanners/shifters

Step 1:

1. Remove the tyre and tube from the rim using tyre levers. Remove spokes using the spoke key and/or the flat head screw driver. If the spokes are rusted in, cut them loose with wire cutters or use WD40 to loosen.
Do you have a picture of it with your pots hanging from it?<br />
yes, just put 2 up. They're in the last step. The one in our kitchen was my first attempt and doesn't use a hub, but it will one day :)
<strong>You </strong>must rotate the image 90&ordm;CCW, not <strong>me</strong>.<br> <br> Anyway, good instructable!
This is my first instructable so I'm still working it all out. Thanks for the encouragement and I just re-uploaded the photo :)

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