Picture of How to make a spiral friendship bracelet
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Step 1: Materials and Conditions

Picture of Materials and Conditions
The materials you will need to make a friendship bracelet will include:
-a ruler or measuring tape
-embroidery floss

You can choose as many colors as you would like for the embroidery floss, but I would recommend anywhere from 2 to 5. In this example I use 3 different colors of embroidery floss.  

When making these bracelets it is easiest to be working on a flat surface on which you can tape your embroidery floss. 

WARNING! When using scissors be careful not to cut yourself. 

Step 2:

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First measure your wrist in inches. Double this length and add 3 more inches to it to get the needed measurement at which you should cut the embroidery floss.  

Step 3:

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Take all of your chosen number of color embroidery floss and tie a knot near the end. Leave about two inches at the top. This space will be used to tape your bracelet to a flat surface while you are working and also to tie to the other side when you are completely finished. 

Step 4:

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1. Decide which color you want to be the first on the bracelet. In this example I chose purple.

2. Separate the purple floss from the other two colors. (see picture I) 

3. Cross the purple embroidery floss over the other two colors. (see picture II)

4. Tuck the purple embroidery floss under the other two colors and pull through on the side that it originally started on. (see picture III)

 5. Pull this "knot" until it reaches the top.

Repeat steps 2-5 from this slide for your first color 7-15 times, depending on how big you want each color section to be

*Note as you make these "knots" the pattern will spiral on its own.
koby_elian3 years ago
can yarn be used as well?
jtuñacao3 years ago
so easy...thanks so much!!! instructables is so awesome!!!
neymar114 years ago
ima guy and i ripped the one my gf made me:/
so now ima try my best to make one for her:D
and one for me to show it off at soccer haha:D
thanks :D <3