How to Make a Spiral Grater/ PVC HACKS





Introduction: How to Make a Spiral Grater/ PVC HACKS


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Step 1:

As you may see it's not so cheap, however in today's video I'm going to tell you a great idea about how to make such a spiral grater by yourself at minimal expenses.

Step 2: It's Quite an Easy to Make a Handmade Spiral Grater.

Step 3: We Need Only a Blade From a Stationary Knife and PVC Pipe.

Step 4: Don't Forget to Boil the Blade, Wash PVC Pipe With Alcohol After Finishing the Handmade Product .

Step 5: You Should Oil the Blade With a Seed Oil After Each Time You Use a Handmade Grater.



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    what an idea sir ji.. I am deeply fall in love with this idea. I will make soon

    I love it! So simple and elegant a solution

    Great idea! As far as safety mods, what kind of safety features does your regular chef's knife have? Just your own good judgement. So, don't stick your fingers inside and they won't get cut.

    such as a second piece of pvc pipe split and placed over the over the blade pvc, as to double up the thickness and to make is the blade can not fall out. Also a little bit of plastic grip so you don't lose your grip as well.

    Isn't this dangerous? You can cut yourself if you do a sloppy work and do not make sure that the gadget is safe.

    6 replies

    So is crossing the road, and lots of other things.

    You should have read the comment all the way past the ? mark too :)

    Just saying

    You can make anything dangerous if you do a sloppy work...

    I did. But it's still dangerous to cross the road.

    You can also hurt yourself if you are sloppy with a knife, a fryer, water, a rope, toothpaste....

    You should have read the comment all the way past the ? mark

    Yay, I can do this! Thank you for the step by step instructions. What would it take to make a model that makes 'spaghetti' cuts out of vegetables? There is one in the market, I think they call it 'Spiralina' but I want to make one. Thank you again for the clear instructions!

    Excellent one. Just an addition. Instead of glue you may slide over the pipe a coupler. Good creation.

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    Or something like a hose clamp. Easy to remove if you need to replace the blade or if you have different size blades for different projects.

    I can't wait to make mine!!!

    Awesome video. Thank you for sharing

    Then jam a drill bit attached to a cordless drill in the end of the cucumber and make curly cukes in under 3 seconds!

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    OR simply tie and wrap a thread around the pipe keeping in mind the cutting direction and just pull to unwrap it should get the job done equally fast!