This project is pretty simple, you just get right supplies and follow our directions and you'll have a cool catapult! We did this project because it seemed like it is a fun, creative thing to do. Also, it seemed like it would take the right amount of time to do. Not to short, not to long.

                                                                            Supplies needed
                                                                             9 popsicle sticks
                                                                             1 plastic spoon
                                                                              Hot glue
                                                                              Thin rubber bands
                                                                              2 binder clips (Right picture)
                                                                              A hand ful of clothes pin (Middle picture)

Step 1: Before You Get Started. . . . .

Get all supplies set up and ready to go. Make sure you have everything we listed.
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This is a really cool instructable I think that I wouldn't be able to do it but it still looks cool!
It could be a little more descriptive, but ovarall I think it is the best homemade catapult I have seen
does it matter on the spoon you have? <br>
no, but plastic spoons stay on better.
looks hard but the final result picture looks cool!

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