How to Make a Sports Bra Out of Men's Underwear





Introduction: How to Make a Sports Bra Out of Men's Underwear

With a pair of men's underwear you can make a cute sports bra in a matter of minutes. In this tough economy, this is a great and easy way to save money and get the support that you need for any workout.

Step 1: Materials

The first and only thing you will need is a pair of large (clean!) men's briefs.

Step 2: Tools

The only tool that is necessary is a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Cut a Hole in the Crotch

With your scissors, cut a U-shaped hole in the crotch. This will result in a hole to stick your head through.

You now have a super-cute sports bra that you can exercise in!

Step 4: Workout

Put it on and go get your workout.



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Questions & Answers


Not a bad idea. I think higher quality men's underwear could definitely be more supportive (though probably not as much as a purpose made sports bra). Men's everything is less expensive than women's, this is a decent tip. Thank You!

What an amazing idea!!!! I love this. I actually did this with some old dance hot pants that were black and cotton and stretchy. It works really well and is sooo comfortable. I smiled when you mentioned the "tough economy" - right on! I have to start paying back school loans now (warning: they do want them back) and I am really wanting more bras sans padding or lining, but can't really buy more. This is perfect!

As a demo of how to drive viewers to one's website, this Instructable is excellent. Otherwise, well. Hm.

I dont know, ive been wearing underwear most of my life, and those dont look like mens underwear. They dont have that weird maze thing in the front. They look like womens panties (gasp!)

yeah they look feminine and tiny and they'd be see through. no one wants to wear a bra under a bra - no offense to the creator but I wouldn't!

But that style don't have the front opening; they're of a size and stretchiness that don't need it. The guys just reach in and put it out over the top. :-) These are very common in AUS.

They're designer of course!

hahahahaha nOw my boyfriend will lost some pieces ahahahhahaa

Alas, I have my doubts about this one. A bra, and especially a "sports bra" has a FUNCTION beyond it's fashionablity, and I have trouble believing that a pair of mens briefs would adequately fulfill that function without a lot of additional engineering. Unless you're young and sized such that you hardly need the bra in the first place...