You can easily make a chain out of starburst or gum wrappers. I'm using starburst wrappers since I ate some today, but gum wrappers work just as well.

I just made a chain from one package of starbursts, but if you get enough, you can make a longer chain and turn it into a picture frame or something more fun. Use your imagination!

Step 1: Supplies

A bunch of starburst or gum wrappers. A great idea: buy a package of starbursts and eat them as you go!

You could also use small pieces of colorful paper, but you'll need to figure out the necessary dimensions - they should generally be much longer than they are wide.
If your making a bracelet, how do you attach both ends together?<br />
I added a step 4: close the ends! just for you, I hope it helps!!<br />
That's a great idea, I'll add a step once I eat some more starbursts. I'll also add a step describing frames and corners.<br /> <br /> To close the end, you would insert the last piece with the ends sticking out (so it's a longer V) and then wrap them around the first piece, sort of connecting them the same as you would've if the first piece wasn't already connected, but with a little more maneuvering. This will probably be easier to understand once I get pictures up!<br />

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