How to Make a Stealth Class in Call of Duty:Black Ops





Introduction: How to Make a Stealth Class in Call of Duty:Black Ops

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Hi Everyone! After a break I'm back with a new wave of Ibles. This ible will be about making a stealth class in COD:BO. Now, you must be thinking, "Ghost noob!". It depends how you play. I will get to that in the Perks part of this Ible.

Step 1: Primary and Secondary

My favorite weapon with a stealth class is an AUG Silenced and Red Dot. I use the Red Dot for longer ranges, because I always get lost in the sights of the gun. Another good one is the FN FAL silenced, especially on Hardcore because it is a one hit kill most of the time. 

My favorite secondary to a stealth class is the CZ75 silenced. Another nice one is the crossbow, adding accuracy with power. The ballistic knife is cool, but very hard to use. 

Step 2: Perks

Tier 1:
Ghost is the obvious choice. Scavenger is nice for ammo, as you will need alot for staying alive long. Flak Jacket is bad for stealth, because it is meant for objective rushers, and people who don't like explosives. Lightweight can be helpful, but for rushing. Hardline isn't good, because you should run low killstreaks instead. Recommended: Ghost

Tier 2:
Sleight of Hand, or Warlord are good choices. Steady Aim is good if you plan to use a silenced SMG. With Warlord, you can have a silencer and an optical attachment, good for guns like the AUG or FAMAS. Scout is out of the picture. Hardened is as useful as scout for a stealth class. Recommended: Warlord

Tier 3:
Ninja or Hacker. Take your pick, an enemy hearing you or you falling victim to a claymore or c4. I would go with Hacker, because the enemy still could not hear you, and you can always crouch. Marathon gets you into the habit of sprinting around corners, which is hard to break. Second chance is for newbs, and Tactical Mask is only good with PRO. Recommended: Hacker

Step 3: Grenades and Equipment

Lethal: Tomahawk, due to its silent and deadly approach.
Tactical: Willy Pete, for rushing right past enemies
Equipment: Tactical Insertion, for endless spawn rushing and objective camping.

Step 4: How to Play a Stealth Class

I know people have opinions, and so do I. I play a stealth class in a camping fashion. I'm not that ghost noob in the corner, just the one that rushes around your spawn, and endlessly kills you. I like to rush with a stealth class, and my tactical insertion helps that. I can spawn closer to the enemies and get a payback. PRO TIP: Don't kill anyone for 5 seconds after planting your tac, or people will see exactly where it is in the killcam. Find a nice spot with good cover, and don't be a rambo. Unless you really want to. 



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    PRO TIP: Don't kill anyone for 5 seconds after planting your tac, or people will see exactly where it is in the killcam

    PRO TIP: I totally disagree. Kill them within 5 secondes, and when they come for your tac, kill them again! Mouahah :)

    Seriously, I play half stealth and half rush. Why? Because no one use headphone in public server.

    UZI/silencer + ballistic knive
    Lightweight pro / sleigh of hand pro / Marathon pro
    Tomahawk + flash (Flash are a need when you rush! Flash a room, run in it and kill everyone! Being surrounded by enemy? Flash a side and run trough it!)

    And, be a rambo. It do work, at least 1.5ratio in each games!

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    I know, just most people need tips like that. And most noobs won't come for your tac either way. I know noone uses headsets, thats why i didn't put ninja on the class. I like your class, I'll check it out, except flashes. They are too slow. Concussions are .25 of a second, while flashes .75 to .80


    I never used concussions and I did not know they were faster. I will make sure I change to them.
    I now see you recommanded Hacker. At first I had read Ninja.
    Not saying that I don't use ninja, I do use it in private clan match, but in pub server it's almost useless because, either other people are not using headphone, or there is too many kid crying in their microphone(OMG WHY DID I DIED!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!) to have other hear you.

    Remember to sub to see more of these. I'll do a ton for mw3 and maybe battlefield 3 what's your xbox name?

    Also, on the rambo thing, I can do good as a rambo too. I want to help noobs get good. If they have to camp, they camp. What did you think of the ible?


    Really nice. And I alway fail'ed at camping. I just can't stay in the same spot for a minute, I keep getting sniped. Really not my style of playing.

    add me on xbox my gamertag is Zappzipper

    Best Idea I have gotten an average of 50 kills with it

    is there a way i can private message you i dont want my gamertag on instructables

    2nd chance is for noobs who cant run higher killstreaks. But anyway I prefer a sleight of hand for tier 2 because it increases the amount of ammo you can shoot down range which will support the silencers lack of range. But otherwise great stealth tutorial.

    i like your tip(i use it all the time)

    I feel it is a nooby perk. I have my opinion, you have yours.

    Killstreaks are not apart of this one. It's a personal preferences.

    I don't, and I am sticking to my stealth class the way it is.