Step 2: Construct the steam box

Picture of Construct the steam box
Cut the plywood to the dimensions that you need. The interior of the steam box should be large enough so that when you load it up with wood there will still be an inch of space around the wood so that the steam can get to the wood.
Nail or screw the 4 sides together.
Close off one end of the box. Leave the other end open.
Screw a piece of plywood that is 4 inches wider than the diameter of your cooking pot to the capped off end of the steam box.
Cut a hole in the center of the piece of plywood so steam can get from the cooking pot into the steam box.
thedude00785 years ago
Thank you very much...much appreciated! ..maybe ill try the wall paper steamer then if i find one for sale..Cheers
thedude00785 years ago
Just a question which ay be obvios...se the hole in the steam box for steam to get in it is at the bottom right? Thanks
nativewater (author)  thedude00785 years ago
yes, there's a hole over the cooking pot.
I have since found that a wallpaper steamer has higher wattage than a small electric heating pad and generates a lot more steam.
If you use one of those, you just drill a hole in the steambox the size of the hose on the steamer and run the steam right in.