Last winter I was a poor college student living in a house with no heater. To keep myself warm I took up baking and started teaching myself new cooking methods. Staying warm next to the oven or stove was very much preferable to huddling underneath blankets.
One day I needed to steam some vegetables for a recipe I was making and discovered that neither my roommates nor I had a steamer set. As I mentioned, money was tight and I needed a way to steam some vegetables.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. You don’t have to be brilliant to figure out how a steamer pot works. After I had figured it out, I improvised my own simple steamer set using only a beer can, a plate and an ordinary pot.


This guide involves cutting aluminum. While unlikely, there does exist a risk that the jagged aluminum or knife could inflict a minor cut on one’s finger. Please be careful or wear protective gloves if you feel you are in danger. If you cut yourself please clean it properly to avoid infection and seek medical attention if necessary.

Step 1: Materials:

1 Empty 20 oz. size aluminum can. Rinse the can thoroughly before using.

1 Medium to large sized pot. (This needs to be deep enough that half the beer can with the plate on top can fit inside.)

1 Plate that has a diameter smaller than that of the pot. Be sure to use a ceramic or metal plate. I'm not certain that it will get hot enough inside the pot to melt a plastic plate, but I wouldn't want to risk it.

1 Pair of sharp scissors or knife that can cut aluminum. I have found that sharp scissors are the best option, but if you do not have sharp enough scissors a non-serrated knife works better than a serrated one. 

Nice one! <br><br>I'd like to try adding two more cans for tripod-like balance. I don't see why a bent clothes hanger or a few rocks wouldn't work either.<br>

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