Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I used:
A pressure-cooker
8mm OD copper tubing
A plastic bucket.
bandit-one6 years ago
hi I like this still set up and I was wondering what was the right size of the tubing should be I'm really interested and was wondering if any one had any plans for a all-copper still or if the idea had been lost to history OK thanks
lemonie (author)  bandit-one6 years ago
All-copper gets a bit difficult - I'm thinking of an old water tank, but you need a lid / hatch. The diameter of tube should be in proportion to the volume of liquid, if you look for pictures of whisky-stills you'll get the idea. L
thanks i was also wondering i know people who used to make shine and some say its best to make the mash in 25-50 gallon incraments so u can make the shine constantly and others say only make enough whats ur in put on this
lemonie (author)  bandit-one6 years ago
I've got a small set-up and equipment, so I couldn't do it very big. If you've got a good fractionating still, bigger would work better I think. L
well ive got two 6gallon pressure cooking stills and was just wondering i make shine in one and wiskey in the other so i also needed to know would u suggest doing this on an stove top or on like a stand alone propane camp cooker
lemonie (author)  bandit-one6 years ago
What suits you best. But a camping stove and alcohol = fire risk.

shelofsk6 years ago
what kind of presssure cooker is that? how many quarts too?
lemonie (author)  shelofsk6 years ago
I believe it is branded "Prestige", it's about 1 gallon (Brit) L
grootpret6 years ago
Sorry it is a 6.4 mm pipe
hey question, is the copper piping toxic at all, so i hear
grootpret6 years ago
Hi! I have made a still with same pot and everything but I have used a 4.6 mm coper pipe. But when i cooked it, after 2 hour still nothing came out. How long does it take to start coming out? And some more advise will help.
bduff7 years ago
the presser cooker looks aluminum is that going to make a difference if its not steel?
evilangel207 years ago
but how much tubing?
kyler7 years ago
does it have to be copper tubing? what about a cheaper metal, like aluminum? and approx. how much tubing? thanks
lemonie (author)  kyler7 years ago
Doesn't have to be copper, but this is easy to get hold of and bend. You don't need that much, I've used more than was really necessary. L