How to Make a Stop Motion Video on a Nintendo 3DS





Introduction: How to Make a Stop Motion Video on a Nintendo 3DS

making a stop motion video on a Nintendo 3DS is simple and fun.

Step 1: Idea

think about what you want your stop motion video to be about

Step 2: Build Your Scene

set up your stage and actors

Step 3: Camera and Options

1. select the Nintendo 3DS camera from the home menu
2. select the video camera option from the top of the touch screen the options menu from the lower right of the touch screen
4. select the stop motion mode
5. press A to shoot, or just press shoot on the touch screen

Step 4: Making a Stop Motion Video

press A to take a picture of the target, and then move the object slightly and take another picture. and keep going back and forward through theses steps. (the less you move it each time the more smooth your video will be)

Step 5: Save,play, and Edit

1.push done to save your work
2. then buch back
3. then push close
4. next push view photos/video
5. select your video to play it and to open the video options
6. push edit to choose what speed you want your video to play at
7. drag the square left to make it go slower, and drag it right to make it go faster
8. push save frame to save the video at that speed setting.

you now know the basics to makeing amazing stop motion videos on your Nintendo 3DS

Have fun!!!!



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    How do you keep the Nintendo steady.

    Nintendo NX will be released in the next half year of 2016, if you have any interesting, please visit

    where can i get those awesome figures?

    If you hit the lever it will pop up the options and such

    They are called stikfas. They don't sell them anymore, but you can find them on ebay.

    When I press, "Save Frame" to try to save the accelerated speed, it tells me I can only save that frame as a photo. Am I doing something wrong or is my 3DS a different model? Thanks!

    how do i get the video option it is not on my 3ds

    Thank you so much, my kids have these, they love Legos and now we can be creative instead of just absorbed in a game. We did this following your steps, my six year old and 9 yo loved it and my inner child is screaming for more! Only one question. How do we send it to the world? Thank you again!

    save it to an SD card and upload the video to youtube, then take the videos link and send it that way