This instructable explains the 'basics' of making yourself a home-made crossbow. Feel free to experiment and comment!

Step 1: Materials

For this crossbow, you need some rubber bands, a clothespin, a ton of pospicle sitcks, some skewers or straight, small peices of wood and a peice of wood about 45 cm X 10 cm X 2 cm. It doesnt really matter exactly. As tools you need a saw and some wood glue.
<p>since the arrow isnt secured wont in fall off?</p>
how far I mean does it shoot
this would be considered a toy, correct? i will demonstrate to you the great power of madd. i will create a instructable for something much more how should i say ? Effective. none the less , this is generally amusing to a child , good day sir.
hye....if you use a guitar string.....its srong than any wire or rubber
Oh, and btw, email me for my design, i also know how to make bows, arrows, catapolts, but they r my designs and not yet perfected. <a href="mailto:Email4cody@yahoo.com" rel="nofollow">Email4cody@yahoo.com</a>
try using one or two or maybe even 3 camping bed legs for a bow. i tried with one as i only have one, and it was quite powerful but not powerful enough but the bed leg does not loose its shape or springliness. i could not get the bed leg to stop twisting in the stock. but two or 3 strapped together may give a flatter surface to fasten to the stock, but it may be very difficult to load.
Sorry, but i think i will stick to my design, it will easily kill things, but hard to relode.
how does it shoot
you should use bamboo cane instead of loli sticks for the bow
kudos on the bolt. simple idea, ive been using dowels and garden stakes as arrows for a long time but i never came up w/ using paper fletching before. good idea
The bow par could be a lot better.
to steady the aim try to make a stock from something in my experience a 2 by 4 cut into the general shape of a stock then smoothed out works pretty well.
can it kill a rabbit?
Very nice idea, i tried making one with a coat hanger as a bow and rubber bands for a string. What kind of string did you use for yours?
Coat Hanger and rubber bands wont work. Elastic bands belong to slingshots, not bows. Also, the Coat hanger metal tends to stay bent.
want realism? go back to the early times and use sinew!
What would be better is linen cord. Much stronger, lighter and it won't stretch over time.
yeah, but what fun is it if you don't get to yank the feet off of the dead corpses of birds!?!
no we but need it that real
u dont hunt birds with a cross bow <_>
dang how do you put your pics up?
this is him
smart i didn't think of a row of lolly pop sticks i used a coil of elastic bands and carved the cross bow by hand for stronger uses
hey you should use chop sticks and duct tape fins as a arrow the chop sticks are alrready sharp and want break or dull and duct tape fins want fall off of tear up!!
Looks disturbingly like mine, but mine is neater, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EW3CWSIT9VEYF7ISOE/">https://www.instructables.com/id/EW3CWSIT9VEYF7ISOE/</a><br/>
check out mine, and also, use a nylon string

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