The BBQ Fattie is one of the little secrets bbq pro's learn along the way and I'd like to share it with you now. Good BBQ is all about technique. You can basically mix together any combo of ingredients for the filling that sounds good and as long as your technique is right it will come out perfect.

What you will need:

The meat:

1 pound pork sausage or ground beef.

Any ground meat will work but these two are the most flavorful and will not dry out.

The filling:

8 ounces of cream cheese.
1/2-3/4 cup of your favorite shredded cheese. I typically use cheddar.
1 roasted chili pepper, seeded and chopped.
1 tbs of honey.
1 clove of fresh garlic, minced.
your favorite BBQ rub.

Step 1: The Filling

The filling for the Fattie can be as basic or as sophisticated as you want. I will show you a rather basic filling. Don't worry! It will still knock your socks off.

In a small mixing bowl add cream cheese, roasted chopped pepper (pictured is a home grown Anaheim chili), half of the shredded cheese, honey, minced garlic and bbq rub to taste. Stir until mixture is combined. The cream cheese can be softened in the microwave for 30-45 seconds or left on the counter for an hour.

Cover with plastic wrap and set aside while you prepare the meat.
Another favorite...the fatty....we call it the "cholesterol bomb." I have seen them stuffed with scrambled eggs and toaster waffles, made with italian sausage and stuffed with mozz, mushrooms and tomato sauce, whatever fun combo you can think of. The secret, though, is to weave bacon into a cloth cover for the fattie...might have to post the techinque. Keep it up branonls....good stuff
I've made this several times using a variety of ingredients and it always - ALWAYS! is a runaway hit with the crowd. They rave at the flavor and I have to agree. The world went crazy for the Bacon Explosion but it doesn't hold a candle to this.<br><br>Good job!
Thanks! I'm glad you and your friends enjoy them.
mmmmmmmmmm.......... my mouths watering!!!!
Fatties are awesome! Made one last nite for dinner and it got rave reviews from all! I made it with ground beef and used a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce instead. I also just sprinkled the outside with steak seasoning instead of a rub. Thanks for posting this!
Awesome. That's what's cool about fatties. You can make them from just about anything and they always rock. Thanks for posting your comment.
Thanks for all the great comments! Please remember to vote for me.
Grab ends of the plastic wrap and use them as handles to roll the fattie along the counter. As the wrap on the ends twist, it will compress the fattie.
Sticking the meat into a (mostly sealed) gallon baggie works great too. Roll it until the bag is "filled" with an even layer, then cut up the seams with a pair of kitchen shears. You end up with a nice square, and can lift up the end of the bag to help start the rolling. It's also a heck of a lot less fussy than plastic wrap.
I do have a smoker and it is surely going to get a fatty to work on (using hamburger) as its very next task. Thanks for a very tasty-looking idea and a quite professional presentation!
Nothing beats smoking a big fattie! this made my mouth water!
Nice Instructable. I saw a recipe for a 'Bacon Bomb' on BBQ Pit Boys dot com, that is similar, but does not look as tasty as this. Do you see any problems that I could get into if I made some and froze them until ready to be smoked?
The only problem I see with freezing them is they might fall apart as they thaw.
How do you think it would taste with turkey burger?
I have used turkey sausage before and it was great. I would use more than a pound and not roll it out too thin.
Thanks so much for this "fattie" instructable. Can't wait to try it.
Wow, finally something different my picky husband will eat! thank you!
Made 2 of these with dinner tonight. They turned out awesome. I will be making this often. Thanks for a great instructable...
oh, that looks awful....and delicious...and i must try it. :)
mmmmm... stuffed BBQ fattie... aaarghhhhhhhh(gargling)
Oh, wow. Gotta try this sometime this summer!
I just went from six to midnight.
remind me not to share any more secrets with you...
Gotta try this!!!!
I'm going to try that this weekend, looks good!
Thanks for the positive comments. I know you'll enjoy it.
I think I had a heart attack just <em>looking</em> at this thing. I' definitely going to try it<br/>
Ditto. But in a good way!
good gravy, this is amazing! I know what I'm making for my next bbq!

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