Thing Two wanted a ninja outfit for Halloween...primarily for the sword. I knew the costume sword would be a huge disappointment - some made-in-China crap that would be lucky to even make it to Halloween. So I told him I would make him one...which meant making one for Thing One as well.

The sword cost just a few $, made primarily of PVC piping from your local big box. The blade is heated and flattened 3'4" schedule 40 PVC pipe. Surprisingly sturdy and pleasing end result.

Step 1: Ingredients

3/4" PVC grey pipe (Grey is found in the electric aisle - used for casing underground wiring  about $1.25 for a 10' section).

1" PVC grey pipe (about $1.25 for a 10' section).

1" PVC end cap (about $0.50)

1" PVC coupler (about $0.50)

1" to 3/4" reducer coupling (about $1.30)

PVC cement, PVC cleaner (found in plumbing aisle - I already had this)

PVC pipe cutters (or hacksaw or saw)

Coarse sandpaper

Black duct tape

Heatgun (you could also use a propane torch, but it's easy to burn/blister the PVC, and you can't sand out the brown stain. Been there, done that)

Rubber Bands (I went to my favorite big box stationer and found a bag of large red bands, and another bag o' green ones - the preferred colors of Thing One and Thing Two. Bargain).
Lol, you might as well buy a plastic Ninja sword at target. I bought mine for $5 and it came with 2 daggers, a head band, and 2 throwing stars. Though this is a great instructable for people that aren't lazy.
<p>This design looks a lot more sturdy than any cheap sword. I am actually going to make a pair so I can practice fencing with my dad.</p>
<p>Awesome...how did they turn out? Any additional refinements?</p>
I was going to make a gi joe snake eyes costume,and couldn't find a sword long enough. <br>I can not wait to do this.
Awesome...ours are still going strong and indestructible after a few years of action.
Thanks craftycounterpart!
wow! you should enter the Halloween props contest.
Definitely going to try this for my costume-prop-weapon this year!

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