How to make a stylish necklace using everyday items

Picture of How to make a stylish necklace using everyday items
It is always fun to make your own accessories. This necklace is simple and stylish and you can easily make it from things you probably already have at home. It also makes the perfect gift for the incoming season.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
To make this necklace you will need:

1 piece of electric cord
1 piece of wire
1 pearl
Black paint (optional) + and brush
Hot melt glue (or other kind of glue)
A pair of scissors
A pair of nippers
Some nice yarn

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
Put piece of cord around your neck to figure out how much you need. Add 2 cm and cut.
Cut the piece of wire. It should be double the length of cord +10cm.

Step 3: Cleaning the cords

Picture of Cleaning the cords
Using pair of scissors, cut plastic 3 cm from edge of cord. Grasp the inner cords one by one with pair of nippers and gently pull them out. If the inner cord are stuck some flexing of the cord will loosen them up.

Cut a piece of brown cord 12cm. Remove plastic 1cm from edge. Use pair of nippers again to remove copper threads inside. Start by pulling a few threads, and gradually increase the number of threads.

Step 4: Making a lock

Picture of Making a lock
The lock of this necklace is a really simple one. Thread brown empty piece of cord onto the wire. It shoud be placed in the middle. Fold wire with brown piece forming a loop. Insert the two ends of wire into the empty (white) cord. Pull until the loop is right size for the pearl.
Thread the pearl onto the two ends of wire. Attach as shown.

Step 5: Adding some finish to the ends.

Picture of Adding some finish to the ends.
Using hot melt glue, fill the openings of the cord. Make a small edge using hot melt glue.
Paint ends using black paint.
$ NAB $6 years ago
Check out mine. I've named it Obama & Mc Cain.
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brainwise6 years ago
Kudos! Excellent use of materials, and the instructions are well done as well.
$ NAB $6 years ago
I love the simplicity of this necklace.I'll go and make one right now.
nice! this is cool.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
pretty cool result. I've used a similar method using copper wire and beads, it's pretty cool how you can bend the necklace to fit around the contours of your clavicle. I like the yard that you've used in yours, some solid earth tones. I love how simple it is!
What a neat idea! I really like the end result, too. I'd love to do one in blue and green.