I make vinyl decals, and have been trying to come up with something re-useful to do with the empty cardboard rolls that the vinyl comes on. This is my first idea that I thought was easy and useful. This is also my very first instructable ..... please be gentle! Hope others find it useful too!

Step 1:

Gather your materials. I happened to have this stuff around my house so it was fast and easy. If you need a sturdy cardboard tube, check local sign shops. They may be willing to give them to you. You can use whatever your fav. cutting tool is. I'm sure a dremel might work nicely.
The tubes opening is about 3" in diameter, and its a thicker cardboard. I think both of these factors and the fact that the things being organized aren't very heavy make it fairly sturdy. Thanks for the feedback!
I reckon if you had a few necklaces at the top it might be apt to tip over, but if it were a poster tube you were using and had a plastic bottom you could fill it with an inch or two of gravel (or similar) to keep it bottom heavy. <br><br>Great idea for storing/displaying sunglasses, thanks!
The shipping tube is my next one up and, yes that is an excellent point with filling the bottom ( great idea). I suppose you could always close the bottom of any tube with duck tape or something else and add any item of weight that you had on hand. I was really going for the recycling aspect. Thank you for your feedback! :)
That's great! How do you keep it from tipping over? I'm totally looking forward to a whole slew of projects from you on how to reuse these cardboard tubes!

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