Step 2: Liquid Feed Container

Lets get started, first drink up the delicious juice, now clean and sterilize the bottle by adding a few drops of chlorine in and filling it up with water. Place the bottle cap on a flat surface and drill 2 holes that will fit the 1/2 inch hose and air line snugly and I mean snug you don't want air leaks, so after you finish fighting with the hoses and the bottle cap, you can then go ahead and apply some hot glue to finish sealing any air leaks that might occur. Assemble it all together and walla!!! you have the container that will hold the plant food. (please refer to the pictures)   
This video was amazing thank you I'm new to "ponics" in general and I'm trying to get a better understanding this helped very much
Neat system,so intriguing I had to get back out of bed to make sure I understood it! <br> The authors(?) forget to mention the timer used with the system. I see this as a way to add manure tea to my Sub-Irrigated Planters, since the liquid never passes through the pump itself, any &quot;particles&quot; suspended in the water will not have a chance to foul up the works. <br>I have several used laundry tubs that could be mated with 5 gallon buckets and at least one strong air pump, in order to do this on a larger scale. <br>I would add pany hose bags filled with manure to each bucket, as giant &quot;tea bags&quot;. <br>I am not sure about the medium, I am so used to wanting wicking mediums, looking for a draining medium is odd... <br>
Why not fill the feed container with the fish tank water then you could have aquaponics. <br>
Very simple - good idea. :)

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