How to make a super easy tri fold/ bifold paper wallet

Picture of How to make a super easy  tri fold/ bifold paper wallet
This insructable is how to make a simple paper wallet with only one peice of printer paper and a stapler.
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
You will need:
1 peice of standard printer paper
a stapler

Step 2: Step one

Picture of step one
fold paper in half hamburger style

Step 3: Step two

Picture of step two
unfold and fold the two flaps to the crease

Step 4: Step three

Picture of step three
Fold the paper back ward along the first crease you made in step one

Step 5: Step four

Picture of step four
Fold the flap of one side down.

Step 6: Step five

Picture of step five
staple the edges closed. Three per side is enough.

Step 7: Final Step

Picture of Final Step
You can either fold in half or fold into thirds. I would recomend in half so then you can fit cards in the pockets. After that you can design your wallet with anything you want!

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