How to Make a Super Simple Computer Controlled Disco Light





Introduction: How to Make a Super Simple Computer Controlled Disco Light

Hello,friends!This is my first instructable and a simple one to make.Sorry for the poor images.I don't have a good camera.This is a disco light system made of three LEDs.It is controlled by parallel port.The controller program is written in VB6.It can control the blinking speed and actually,it runs the LEDs by sending signals to parallel port output pins.

Step 1: Things You Need

For this project,you will be in need of this things:
1.Three ultrabright LEDs(Any LED should work)

2.A DB25 Connector Cable

3.Visual Basic 6 (To edit the source code)

Step 2: About the DB25 Cable

Look at the Female side of the cable(the side of the cable with holes)To make this project,you should know this pin configuration:

Step 3: Bend Your LED Pins

LEDs are polar,that means they have certain "+" and "-" electrodes.The Longer pin is "+" and the shorter is "-".Bend the pins to be fitted perfectly in the cable holes.Set the LEDs according to the diagram.After putting LEDs into the holes,this should be all you have done so far.

Step 4: Put the LED Pins Into Holes and Connect the Cable to the Port

Put the LEDs according to the diagram into correct holes.Then connect the cable to parallel port.

Step 5: Download and Start the Computer Program

Turn your PC or Laptop on.You should see the lights shining.Then download and start the Program "blinker2.exe".The lights should start blinking.You can Change their blinking rate by adjusting the slider.The source code is also included.

In order to run the program and for making any program related to parallel port interfacing,you need these files:
unzip the file.Then access the "Binaries" folder.Then from the "ocx" folder,copy the "hwinterface.ocx" to "windows\system32" folder.You should also copy the "inpout32.dll" from the "Dll" folder and paste it to "windows\system32" folder.Then run the "blinker2.exe".



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    Can I ask favor for anyone owned this project? We would like to ask permission to make project like this in visual basic. We humbly ask the codes for us to make a project which is required in our subject. You can send the codes in my email Thank you and more power.. God bless you always. :)

    my motherboard is over.foolish man

    Hey, what do I do if my computer is too new/nice? I have an old laptop running xp but it only has usb ports. How do I do this sort of stuff???

    there are usb to parallel port converters u can use that
    thanks for visiting and if u have any problem u can ask

    Well...usb is a bit complex one!There are many usb2parallel converter available but I heard that they are specially configured for I'm not sure...but if you study microcontroller,then you can do it with usb or usb2serial converter

    Use a FTDI chip and a bit of bit-banging in vb!!

    Hi there!
    I wish to make this project, but i cant quite figure out what pins are going in what holes? Please keep in mind im a complete novice. Maybe a clearer diagram would help?

    I hope this helps. Sorry the picture might look a bit strange :-) The pins (holes) which have a + plus sign next to them are where you should insert the + pins of the LEDs. The pins (holes) grouped together are ALL suitable for inserting the - pins of the LEDs.


    Ahhhhh thankyou so much! Im going to go attempt to make this project now and i will post a picture if i get it working :)