With spring approaching fast, daisies and various flowers are popping up everywhere, and what better way to use the lovely little beauties than to easily make a lovely chain. It's not a big deal, just a little piece of knowledge to sit in the back of your mind, waiting for a sunny, peaceful day sitting in a park or forest or field looking for something to make. 

Step 1: Pick Your Poison!

Gather a group of people who want a daisy chain. Wander, chat, and slowly gather your flowers... Don't worry too much about how long the stalks are, about 2 or 3 inches, if you must have a number..

Step 2: Weave Your Chain...

Once you have a good amount of flowers,  take one and use a fingernail (high-tech stuff, right?) to make a slit in the stem, near the flowerhead, then slide another flower through. Repeat.. Repeat.. Repeat...

Step 3: Finish 'er Off...

Now you have all your flowers in the chain,  take the last one and make a good long slit and put the head of the first one through it . 

Voila!You have a beautiful daisy chain.

Enjoy, play, and live happily ever after...
So pretty!<br>Great job. :)
Thank you!<br>
Thank you!<br>

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