Step 4: Go fabric shopping!

Picture of Go fabric shopping!
The length of your cape will determine how many yards you'll need to get. You'll want to get a nice heavy fabric - I enjoy felt and it is what I had on hand. I had a ton of it actually.

So, for 50 inches, I used pieces of felt that were 2 yards long and 36 inches wide. (Well, with lots of little bits cut out from previous projects.) I still had quite a bit left over. I chose red and blue felt. Red for the large center panel, and blue for the two smaller panels.

JOSHMAN helped me defeat my fabric stash. :D

While you're at the fabric store should should also probably pick up some ribbon. 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide should be fine. Remember to match it to your fabrics! (Yet again, I used what I had on hand. I only have polka dot ribbon, of which I chose yellow. 'Tis a good thing JOSHMAN is comfortable with his sexuality.)