Introduction: How to Make a Survival Bracelet

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I will show you how to make a survival bracelet using paracord and a shoe lace

Step 1: Materials

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Shoe lace 

Step 2: Setup

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Step 3: Measure Wrist

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Step 4:

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Step 7: Done

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Josehf Murchison (author)2011-09-26

I like this, cosmetically stylish and useful unravel the bracelet and you have rope, unravel the Paracord and you have fishing line.
A belt will give you more Paracord to work with.

I really want to make a belt but I don't have enough paracord and a watch strap. Thanks for commenting and don't forget to vote.

I did vote for you

Thanks man

noltus (author)2011-09-21 could a bracelet to help me survive

thedailyrecycler (author)noltus2011-09-25

Its a bracelet made of ROPE (a whole lot of it too). Having rope while surviving is like cheating in a test. It helps build a shelters and traps.

Yea exactly and don't forget to vote.

Blechmen (author)noltus2011-09-22

A survival bracelet is used to be able to carry long ropes or usually paracord on you and it is easy to make and take off to use the rope.

zazenergy (author)2011-09-19


Blechmen (author)zazenergy2011-09-19

Thanks and I am featured in the survival challenge along with my figure 4 snare so make sure to vote if you think they are good enough.

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