Picture of How to make a sushi restaurant costume! (yes, the whole restaurant)
I wanted a unique costume this year.. and i had collected a sportload of boxes from my move to my new apartment. 

I love building costumes, I love sushi, so why not build a sushi restaurant costume?

The level of detail in this costume can be dependent on whether you live near a japanese market. I just so happen to work down the street from one of the largest in LA, so this worked out for me. Smaller details make this particular costume, so the more details you can pick up, the better this will turn out. 


Step 1: Tools and materials

This is a little sparse as i bought the tools as I found I needed them, so i don't have all the documentation.

Here's what I bought:
Large wooden dowels 2x $4.00 
Acrylic/Plexiglas 1 9$10
brown paint 1x $4.00
Aluminum slats 2x $5
Aluminum Channel 2x $7 
Misc dishes 5x $2 each (reuseable)
manekineko (white cat statue with paw up) $3
bolts $4 total
Ikea bag 1x  $.57
lights 2x $15
batteries $9
cardboard boxes $FR.EE
assorted foam $FR.EE

Drill, drill bit, saws, files, pop rivet and gun, hot glue, clamps, etc are things I had already.

I spent quite a bit of money on this project, but I was short on time and didn't want to salvage these from various places.

Your neighbor's trash is a wealth of usable crap - good if you're short on money but not on time.

well, not for a sushi restaurant - unless your neighbors are Japanese and throwing crap out.
This is one of the coolest homemade costumes I've seen.
nzwaznyak3 years ago
Best idea ever, Thank you so much!! My version won me 2nd prize in a costume contest I didn't even know I entered - $200 Bucks!! Nicely Done!

Side View Schematic.... The details makes the costume!

Total cost for goods (had the summoning cat and lights) about $80 - Not Bad!

Side View Bar.jpg
Wizkidd3 years ago
Bamboo poles would be cool for the poles
i want an order of california rolls to go... and the guy making them to deliver it to me personally. grawr! ;)
laernmoer (author)  slippergirl044 years ago
haha! howyoodoin? lol thanks (c:
Aw sookie sookie! U are very welcome! ;)
crapflinger4 years ago
freaking awesome!

definitely could have gone with some kind of shoulder harness and maybe a back piece to the whole costume (to make it look like you were a completely self contained restaurant....like the back piece could have been the back wall of the sushi shop) then disguised the harness as an apron.
laernmoer (author)  crapflinger4 years ago
like i said, any suggestions would be better than the crap harness I made. I really should have planned it out better.
dude, this is so win. I might make most of the harness rigging from my old camping bag, (too lazy!) also another place to store Halloween goods!
laernmoer (author)  4n0n4mb16u054 years ago
Thanks! that sounds like a good plan.
Azayles4 years ago
That is the most amazing and hilarious thing I've seen on this site in a long long time! You sir are a genius! My tenugui goes off to you :D
laernmoer (author)  Azayles4 years ago
sacmom34 years ago
Up until now, the best costume I had seen was a lemonade stand. Yours is the best costume ever. Very creative!
laernmoer (author)  sacmom34 years ago
bigJAGfan4 years ago
Anyone else notice the person in the background picking their nose?
laernmoer (author)  bigJAGfan4 years ago
now that you mention it! I never noticed that.
mrdepo964 years ago
I LOVE IT! The lights are what made it really amazing.
laernmoer (author)  mrdepo964 years ago
panks4 years ago
I love it! (and I don't even eat sushi) :)
nicnak4 years ago
LOVE IT! freaking awsome, i love pet shops.... maybe i should atempt ot make one, lol
canida4 years ago
And a third on the shoulder harness suggestion. You need a stable counter so you could actually prepare and hand out sushi!
laernmoer (author)  canida4 years ago
I was thinking I could have clay sushi that looked like fish.. I thought about picking up some california rolls from the supermarket and handing them out, but I figured it was too much hassle..
kelseymh4 years ago
What an outstanding, complex build! Great details on everything, inlcuding the parts that didn't work right. I'm surprised you didn't go for a shoulder harness -- it might not have looked as clean, but maybe could have given you better hands-free performance.
laernmoer (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
Thanks guys, I hadn't thought about the shoulder harness - a MUCH better idea,

I should try to make a shoulder harness and update this. I still have the costume, one year later! I was thinking of donating it to a kindergarten school for play time.. I think I'd have to remove the sake bottle first tho, lol
this is awesome! I definitely have to try and make it now!
ly3334 years ago

Kaelessin4 years ago
Quite possibly the best costume i've seen yet! that's amazing!