Step 4: Use your new syphon

Picture of Use your new syphon
Your syphon is now complete.

Find some water and put the free end of the pipe into the water.

Squeeze the bottle a bit and some air bubbles should come out of the pipe at the water end.

Make sure the bottom of the bottle is below the water and release your squeeze on the bottle.

As the bottle pops back into shape it creates the initial suction required to start the flow of water.

Once the bottle has regained its shape you may wish to unscrew the cap slightly so that air can get into the bottle. Otherwise the flow of water will slow, and eventually stop. If you don't need to contain the water then you can just unscrew the cap once the flow has begun.

You can now syphon horrible liquids without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
intrud5 years ago
does the pipe sit in the water or not??
drphoto16 years ago
Why would you want to ruin a good power cord? Just get some cheap clear tubing.
essteeyou (author)  drphoto16 years ago
Where I worked we had loads of power cords hanging around. Some failed their PAT so we weren't allowed to use them. So yeah...