How to Make a Table Within $10





Introduction: How to Make a Table Within $10

i want a table. It should be a working table and also a multiple use outdoor table. But for an unemployed guy, cheaper is my first choice - I want to make a table, cheaper to make a table.

In local hardware store, I found they always sell some short piece wood which only cost $1 or $0.5. They are normally more or less in 4'.
I bought some of the short pieces to home. In the picture, with the yellow paint cost $1, with green paint only cost $0.5.
Now, I can make the table. I can make the table within $10.

Table size: L53" X W23.5" X H30"

Step 1: Material

2 pieces 2x12 board cut to 28 1/2' long as legs $1x2=$2
2 pieces 2x10 trim to 48" long as part of top board $1x2=$2
2 pieces 2x 3 trim to 48" long as center part of top $0.5x2=$1
4 pieces 2x 3 cut in half and trim to 8 piece 23 1/2" long $1x4=$4(most time 2x3 only cost $0.5 each)
Total: $9.
and I used some recycled old 2x4 stud which no cost(if have to buy in store the 2x4 short than 3' normally cost $0.5 each)
2 pieces 33" long
some waste small piece 2x4 cut to
4 pieces 6" long
4 triangles

Step 2: Make Top

Use 2 pieces 2x10 board 48"long, 2 pieces 2x3 48"long and 2 pieces 23 1/2"long assemble top. Screw or nail as you like.

Step 3: Make Leg

With 2 pieces 2x12 board 28 1/2"long, 2 pieces 2x3 23 1/2"long and 2 pieces 2x4 33"long make leg.

Step 4: Assemble Leg to Top Board

Put leg and 2 pieces 2x3 23 1/2"long on the top board to fit and mark line with pencil to find the right place to fix 2 pieces 2x3 on the top board, then fix leg on 2x3. I don't want to say in how many inches you should screw 2x3, since we always make something more or less and the wood sometime warp a little bit. Fitting is right way here.

Step 5: Foot and Triangles

Fix 4 pieces 2x4 6"long, 2 pieces 2x3 28 1/2"long and 4 triangle on the leg. The table is finished.

Step 6: Sketchup File



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    A very nice piece of work..the only change I would make is to bring down the bottom two parts of the leg assembly so each leg is actually three pieces in thickness

    I love this design!

    this is a GREAT project - just what I've been looking for! thanks.

    tHIS TABLE IS WHAT MORE I NEED!!! Beautiful, a lot of thanks.
    I love the Webbbbb.....!!!

    What software did you use to make those diagrams?

    1 reply

    the software is google sketch-up. the basic version is free and there are video tutorials too. It's fun to mess around with.

    Thanks for the great project, going to make several, I like using Home Depot for the cut offs average between 50 cents to 1.00 for quality pieces of wood (scrap bin)

    1 reply

    +1 on the HD scrap bin. In a densely populated area this requires a few trips to a few HDs, but it's doable price-wise if you have more time than money.

    good design. can you please provide us with the sketchup file, assuming you spec-ed it out in that application.

    2 replies

    I did. Does it work?

    Yes, it does, thanks a lot. That made it easy for me to visualize your design.

    Nice work, thank You

    Nice drawings, however in my part of the world there is no way you are going to find the material for $10.00

    Great instructable! A good solid design, and what a great way to use material that 99% of people would walk by and not even notice.

    Sad but true, that unnamed hardware store has discontinued that fantastic pricing for discards and short pieces and replaced it with a 70% off original price of the original piece regardless of the quality of size of the remainder :(

    Seems to even include a free sturdy and wide foot rest. Yup.

    yea... and glue everything together with rain water (for free..)

    Check out the bottom part on this one - was close to what you have and looks nice.  I like your top better - is much more sturdy, and easier to make!

    I love those yellow and green pieces of wood I have many right now..

    Wow - $1 for 2x10 x48" worth using as a table top ??? I need to shop there!