How to Make a Table Within $10





Introduction: How to Make a Table Within $10

i want a table. It should be a working table and also a multiple use outdoor table. But for an unemployed guy, cheaper is my first choice - I want to make a table, cheaper to make a table.

In local hardware store, I found they always sell some short piece wood which only cost $1 or $0.5. They are normally more or less in 4'.
I bought some of the short pieces to home. In the picture, with the yellow paint cost $1, with green paint only cost $0.5.
Now, I can make the table. I can make the table within $10.

Table size: L53" X W23.5" X H30"

Step 1: Material

2 pieces 2x12 board cut to 28 1/2' long as legs $1x2=$2
2 pieces 2x10 trim to 48" long as part of top board $1x2=$2
2 pieces 2x 3 trim to 48" long as center part of top $0.5x2=$1
4 pieces 2x 3 cut in half and trim to 8 piece 23 1/2" long $1x4=$4(most time 2x3 only cost $0.5 each)
Total: $9.
and I used some recycled old 2x4 stud which no cost(if have to buy in store the 2x4 short than 3' normally cost $0.5 each)
2 pieces 33" long
some waste small piece 2x4 cut to
4 pieces 6" long
4 triangles

Step 2: Make Top

Use 2 pieces 2x10 board 48"long, 2 pieces 2x3 48"long and 2 pieces 23 1/2"long assemble top. Screw or nail as you like.

Step 3: Make Leg

With 2 pieces 2x12 board 28 1/2"long, 2 pieces 2x3 23 1/2"long and 2 pieces 2x4 33"long make leg.

Step 4: Assemble Leg to Top Board

Put leg and 2 pieces 2x3 23 1/2"long on the top board to fit and mark line with pencil to find the right place to fix 2 pieces 2x3 on the top board, then fix leg on 2x3. I don't want to say in how many inches you should screw 2x3, since we always make something more or less and the wood sometime warp a little bit. Fitting is right way here.

Step 5: Foot and Triangles

Fix 4 pieces 2x4 6"long, 2 pieces 2x3 28 1/2"long and 4 triangle on the leg. The table is finished.

Step 6: Sketchup File



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    A very nice piece of work..the only change I would make is to bring down the bottom two parts of the leg assembly so each leg is actually three pieces in thickness

    this is a GREAT project - just what I've been looking for! thanks.

    tHIS TABLE IS WHAT MORE I NEED!!! Beautiful, a lot of thanks.
    I love the Webbbbb.....!!!

    the software is google sketch-up. the basic version is free and there are video tutorials too. It's fun to mess around with.

    Thanks for the great project, going to make several, I like using Home Depot for the cut offs average between 50 cents to 1.00 for quality pieces of wood (scrap bin)

    1 reply

    +1 on the HD scrap bin. In a densely populated area this requires a few trips to a few HDs, but it's doable price-wise if you have more time than money.

    good design. can you please provide us with the sketchup file, assuming you spec-ed it out in that application.

    2 replies

    Nice work, thank You

    Nice drawings, however in my part of the world there is no way you are going to find the material for $10.00

    Great instructable! A good solid design, and what a great way to use material that 99% of people would walk by and not even notice.

    Sad but true, that unnamed hardware store has discontinued that fantastic pricing for discards and short pieces and replaced it with a 70% off original price of the original piece regardless of the quality of size of the remainder :(

    yea... and glue everything together with rain water (for free..)

    Check out the bottom part on this one - was close to what you have and looks nice.  I like your top better - is much more sturdy, and easier to make!

    I love those yellow and green pieces of wood I have many right now..

    Wow - $1 for 2x10 x48" worth using as a table top ??? I need to shop there!