Introduction: How to Make a Tassel

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Inspired by Graduation time...make an easy tassel to embellish gifts and such

Step 1: Cut Your Strands

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Cut 14 pcs of gold lamé string 6 inches long. Cut a pc of silver string about 12-14 inches long and tie a loop in the middle. 

Step 2: Tie Your Strands

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Tie your looped silver string around the middle of your 14 folded gold strands. 

Step 3: Wrap Around

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Start wrapping both strands of your silver string around the gold strings. Tie a knot and trim bottom of tassel.

Step 4:


harif (author)2011-06-03

Simple yet so cool!

Facci Designs (author)harif2011-06-03

yeah, right...just like me :)

harif (author)Facci Designs2011-06-05

Lol (Y)

DidymusB (author)2011-05-31

What kind of knots would you suggest? You just say tie this... please at least give the name of the knots you used so they can be looked up.

Facci Designs (author)DidymusB2011-06-01

A very simple knot, the kind you would make to tie your shoes...before tying the bow. good luck!

So just a Granny or Square Knot is what you suggest..

Exactly. I couldn't find the word!

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