Introduction: How to Make a Tassel

Inspired by Graduation time...make an easy tassel to embellish gifts and such

Step 1: Cut Your Strands

Cut 14 pcs of gold lamé string 6 inches long. Cut a pc of silver string about 12-14 inches long and tie a loop in the middle. 

Step 2: Tie Your Strands

Tie your looped silver string around the middle of your 14 folded gold strands. 

Step 3: Wrap Around

Start wrapping both strands of your silver string around the gold strings. Tie a knot and trim bottom of tassel.

Step 4:


harif made it!(author)2011-06-03

Simple yet so cool!

Facci+Designs made it!(author)2011-06-03

yeah, right...just like me :)

harif made it!(author)2011-06-05

Lol (Y)

DidymusB made it!(author)2011-05-31

What kind of knots would you suggest? You just say tie this... please at least give the name of the knots you used so they can be looked up.

Facci+Designs made it!(author)2011-06-01

A very simple knot, the kind you would make to tie your shoes...before tying the bow. good luck!

Miscelinious made it!(author)2011-06-01

So just a Granny or Square Knot is what you suggest..

Facci+Designs made it!(author)2011-06-02

Exactly. I couldn't find the word!

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