Introduction: How to Make a Tech Deck Grind Rail for Cheap!

Today your going how to make a easy cheap tech deck rail for under 10 dollars!

Step 1: Supplies

First things first is supplies-
1.GORILLA glue or screws(usually included with #2)
*2.cabinet handle(any kind will work,i chose 2 circle "rails" and one rainbow "rail")
**3. 2 planks of wood (i used 1/2 x3 24 &3/8 x3 1/2 x24)
(4.if using screws).screwdriver or drill(its a preference thing)

*-you can use any rail
**i cut mine to 8 inch long for a 6 inch rail

Step 2: Picking Your "rail"

Go to any Lowes or home depot and pick up some type of rail(you will want it to be one of the LONGEST you can find)
you get the "rails"  in the cabinet hardware section
im using the silver(or chrome) circle handle "Rail" for this instructable

Step 3: Putting the Rail to the Base

GORILLA Glue Method-
1.start by making a mark of where you want the rail to be on your board
2.once marked put GORILLA glue on the marks and rail base
3.quickly put the rail in place
4.put wood on other wood piece(use wood glue or GORILLA glue)
5.let sit and dry

Screw Method-
1.start by making a mark of where you want the rail to be on your board
2.drill the holes in the marks you made
3.put the screws through the holes
4.put rail on screws
6.put second piece of wood(first make holes in SAME spot as the first board
7.use wood glue to glue together

Step 4: Your Done

Grind it Slide it,Have fun AND as always ENJOI!


topseyturvey! (author)2014-10-22

Thanks! very creative. I can't wait to try it.

dragonsniper (author)2012-04-21

why is this in the outside category ???

benbar12 (author)2011-08-25

Very nice I made it!

fakietre (author)benbar122011-08-25

thanks man,post a pic

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