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mmmm, what better way to stay warm than snuggling up against a teddy bear! Making teddy bears can be as simple as you please or as challenging as you dare, as long as you have fun. This perfect i'able will be perfect for gifts, or just if you are clearing out the wardrobe. Most of all, have loads of good ol' fun!

Step 1: Stuff you will need

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The materials you will need are-
As as many old shirts, trousers, ties, socks or gloves that you will need,
A needle
Paper or stiff card
If you want to have it posable, thin strong wire.
This is awesome! It was a really fun and easy project. :)
Cool! :) (though you'd have to make a teddy out of a few yards fabric if you wanted it to be as big as in the picture...)
Uhh SageMinto it's making a teddy from a Tshirt not the other way around lol
seoulteasha3 years ago
I must say, I love the teddy bear. The picture may be misleading, but I love GD so it's all good lol.
conrad1415 years ago
 CHange you thumbnail its missleading 
thedragonmaster (author)  conrad1415 years ago
I made this forever ago, I might be attempting to delete it anyway
well you dont have to delete it. If you dont please change the thumbnail.
I agree. I thought this was going to be more like the bear in the picture, but when I read the instructions it was completely different. Your final picture should be your thumbnail.
SageMinto4 years ago
I've never thought of making a t-shirt out of a teddy bear before. Very creative :)
haha omg i want to make a teddy bear now..thank you so much!!!