Step 3: Pour soil

Using your scooper, pour about an inch or so of dry potting soil into the bottle or jar. 
what plant did you use? <br>
Dear four ferns, I live in Israel ,and can;t find any plants,even for a very large 1000 watt <br>light bulb,where can I get on the NET? Please help. Have a good day. jimmy.
This is a very simple &amp; straightforward tutorial for making a &quot;closed&quot; terrarium. You can use these directions &amp; expand on them pretty much however you like. Just remember the types of plants to use in an &quot;open&quot; or &quot;closed&quot; terrarium. You have much more freedom in an &quot;open&quot; terrarium. Have fun with it : ) I have a ton more creative terrariums for purchase posted on my Facebook &amp; Instagram. I am in the process of building my website. Check out my Facebook...<br>https://www.facebook.com/pages/Four-Ferns-Terrariums/254355867978435?sk=wall&amp;filter=12<br>
This is a good beginners guide to getting started - I hope you'll post some more advanced stuff for us. :D
I'll give this a try with my kids this spring!

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