This instructable will show you how to make a throttle body spacer that you see for $80+ for your Jeep Cherokee for less than $20 and in about 3hrs.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

Basically the things you will need are:

1. 1" thick aluminum plate that is roughly 100mm square
2. 1/4" End Mill that is longer than 1"
3. 1/4" Drill Bit

4. CAD/CAM software
5. CNC Machine

6. (4) 6mm x 50mm bolts
7. (3) 6mm x 40mm bolts
8. (3) 1/4" ID x 1" long steel spacer
9. (2) New Throttle body gaskets for your intake (about 2$ a piece)

The total cost from the hardware store was less than 8$.
What is the purpose of this spacer?
The theory is that the spacer provides additional volume downstream of the throttle to increase instantaneous flow through to the cylinders.
I recently learned the trick about tabs, after I sent one of my parts flying. Are you doing a full overhaul on your cherokee?
I learned about tabs when I sent a 3/4&quot; end mill bit across the room....luckily I wasn't in the way. <br> <br>I'm not doing an overhaul on my Jeep. I ended up trading it in to buy my wife's new car--but not before I made one of these for my brother's Jeep too. <br> <br>I assume you're a Jeep fan?

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