Picture of How to make a throttle body spacer for 1995 Jeep Cherokee
This instructable will show you how to make a throttle body spacer that you see for $80+ for your Jeep Cherokee for less than $20 and in about 3hrs.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

Basically the things you will need are:

1. 1" thick aluminum plate that is roughly 100mm square
2. 1/4" End Mill that is longer than 1"
3. 1/4" Drill Bit

4. CAD/CAM software
5. CNC Machine

6. (4) 6mm x 50mm bolts
7. (3) 6mm x 40mm bolts
8. (3) 1/4" ID x 1" long steel spacer
9. (2) New Throttle body gaskets for your intake (about 2$ a piece)

The total cost from the hardware store was less than 8$.
127ice1 year ago
What is the purpose of this spacer?
pullinsb (author)  127ice1 year ago
The theory is that the spacer provides additional volume downstream of the throttle to increase instantaneous flow through to the cylinders.
I recently learned the trick about tabs, after I sent one of my parts flying. Are you doing a full overhaul on your cherokee?
pullinsb (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I learned about tabs when I sent a 3/4" end mill bit across the room....luckily I wasn't in the way.

I'm not doing an overhaul on my Jeep. I ended up trading it in to buy my wife's new car--but not before I made one of these for my brother's Jeep too.

I assume you're a Jeep fan?