easy and cheap way to make some fun throwing stars.

Step 1: What Is Needed

Step 2: Pics of Items

things needed

Step 3: Step 1

Start by taking 4 razor blades 2 in each pile. Arrange them so the look like the picture.

Step 4: Step 2

Take and wrap the tape around the razors as shown in the pictures. (repeat step)

Step 5: Step 3

Seat the "sets" on top of one another as shown and wrap tape around again. Make sure you wrap it twice one time one way and another the other way so its like a +

Step 6: Final Step

If you didn't get the instructable, check out the video I made (pictures are from my video)>

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where did you get the razor blades from?
nice, dangerous, cool.
isn't everything dangerous, cool?
Only when others does it
to me everything dangerous is cool, and if something is interisting but not dangerous, it can be cool 2.<br /> <br />
no, only safe things are safe, dangerous things, are cool.
Haha thanks! They are fun to use and play with... Don't cut yourself to many times like me.....
cool, i am trying to make a sling-launcher for them.
tell me how it goes!
goes good, at least it was my bad eye.
U hit ur eye?!
who said anything about hitting an eye?
Ummmm... Ya... That was a mistake. I was facebook chating and trying to comment u at the same time...
how is that a mistake???<br /> you asked about hitting an eye. <br /> oh, by the way, u have facebook? so do i<br /> <br />
you acually did.<br /> <br />
um, how did u hit your eye? did centrifigal (bad spelling sorry) have somthing to do with it? how does it work like a boomerang?<br />
i already explained the boomerang function, the sling-launcher just snapped off a piece and it hit my eye.
nice.<br /> how can u sling them? they will cut right through.<br />
Just don't cut yourself. <br />
It flew back at me, OUCH!
it flew like a boomerang?!? <br /> How does that work?
it just does, i have had numerous squares of cardboard, metal, and paper fly back at me, it just happens. it works best with medium weight things such as cardboard or this thing.
Paper does too i made a really sharp paper shruiken and it flew really well.<br /> i threw it and it came back to me...<br /> my finger hurt 4 days!<br /> no joke!!!<br />
<p>that happened to me too.</p>
hahaha! that would hurt!
Those look like the blades from my Cobalt utility knife. I might actually be able to do this. 1st comment FTW!
Hey!! That's exactally what they r made of!!! Reply and tell me how u like em if u make em.
Mine work really nicely. They are also quite deadly against members of the rodent family :-0
Glad u like em!! Hope I can get more views and good comments!!!!
I hope you get more views, too. These work great, and are cheap too boot. People should love them. I'll try to spread the word.
i can try too!<br />
NICE&nbsp;JOB&nbsp;NECRO-ING, NOOB!<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> (lulz)<br />
well, my family will K.O. me if i try and make one. the only types of shuriken i can make are out of paper! :.(.......... Wah.
I made the real thing. Ended up K.O. ing myself.<br />
He he, not quite but near to. I put a really sharp point on it and dropped it on my foot; and I didn't have shoes.<br /> <br /> I'm going to make one out of 3 mm metal, but because of my certain design I would like to have a drill press, which I don't have.<br />
ouch the same!<br />
Jesus! Thats insane!!! But oddly cool at the same time.... Good job!
Thanks! Tell me how urs work! That is if you make them of course.
preatty good 5*s and faved

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