How to Make a Tool for Steady Filming




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Introduction: How to Make a Tool for Steady Filming

A quick and easy way for making a tool if you don't have a tripod.



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    looks easy to try out

    I built an inexpensive steadicam with pvc pipe from the local home improvement store. The whole thing didn't cost over 10 bucks and it works like a charm. I used half inch pvc pipe, a half to one inch coupler, a 4 to 6 inch piece of pvc pipe with a cap on the end. I use lead fishing sinkers as weight inside the piece of one inch pvc pipe. I left a hole at the top of the one inch pipe so I can add or dump weight depending on which camera I'm using. Cemented it all together with pvc cement, then painted it with Krylon Fusion (for plastic) black satin finish spraypaint to make it look like I paid big $$$ for it. I can run or walk with the camera and it gives me a rock solid video with little or no shake.

    That's pretty cool, never seen anytihng like it.

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    I've seen a similar thing, though going to the ground, step on a loop of string for a monopod, or even a bipod. Not for walking around like this one can though, but about as fast to set up.

    Never thought of an idea like THIS before. How did you get that big bush thing though? Will definitely try this if something like that comes into my yard.. :P

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    Really? I'm suprised you don't remember it from Kipkay's film tricks.

    He used a similar method to steady his camera.

    Very cool instructable. Will try with my camera. That "big bush thing" is an ornamental grass of some kind. Maybe Pampas grass.