Woodworking shouldn't be limited to the wood shop!

I've been working with wood for about 10 years and I wanted to be able to bring my hand tools with me anywhere - on camping trips, to outdoor gatherings, and other workshops. Tools can be both sharp and fragile, and otherwise difficult to transport. I decided to make a tool roll for all my hand tools so they could be both mobile and organized - files, rasps, chisels, whittling knives, spoke shave, burnisher, strop, and whatever else you need. There are fancy leather versions of this sold online, but with specific tools, it made sense to make one that was customized to fit my personal tool collection. All it takes is some basic sewing skills, a sewing machine and supplies, 1/2 yard of fabric (this cost me $4), and about 3-4 hours of time to layout and sew the roll. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools You'll Need

- sewing machine

- fabric scissors

- an iron / ironing board

- pins

- a triangle (or something with a square edge you can trace)

- a ruler

- pencil made for fabric

- thread (heavy duty is better)

- 1/2 yard fabric

(canvas or denim works great! something heavy duty will hold up better. If you have super thick fabric or leather, you'll need a special sewing machine. I used a medium duty lycra/denim blend as I have a standard sewing machine).

- And you'll need the tools you are making the roll for so you can customize the slots to fit them into.

Nice and simple, thanks.
i like the look of that tool roll. nice job! what material did you use?
<p>Thanks for the inspiration to make my own tool roll! I'm new to sewing but I'm really happy with my results thanks to your detailed explanation.</p><p>I really liked the contrast from the red with the jeans so I also used red wire.</p>
<p>Thanks for the inspiration. I plan to make something similar to store my knitting needles and crochet hooks. </p>
<p>Here is one I made a few months back to get me organized for knitting/crochet season: </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Its-Knitting-Season/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Its-Knitting-Seaso...</a></p><p>Hope it helps!</p>
<p>Thanks for the feedback! Ive also made a modified tool case for my wax/clay tools, which are similar to knitting needles - it has two rows of loops instead of folded inserts.... here's a photo...</p>
<p>Looks great! Love the denim!<br>I made one a few years ago, but I need to make a new one soon. I think my tool reproduce in my current tool roll. You can NEVER have to many tools!</p>
<p>I love tool rolls. The set of wrenches I bought I picked up specifically because they were in a roll. It is a heck of a lot easier then trying to keep a tool box organized. When I work on the car I am all, FLWOP, THAR BE WRENCHES! </p>
<p>LOVE THIS!!!!!</p><p>I have several that I use for balloon twisting, called &quot;Busking Bags&quot;. I have no idea is that name is specific to balloons or not :)</p><p>I use another for carrying pens. I bought one online that is designed for artists colored pencils. works ok for pens but not for thicker pens. I've been wanting to make my own forever.</p><p>this is the pen one I use:</p><p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/Niji-Roll-Multi-purpose-Pouch/dp/B0027A5A9M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1411576133&sr=8-3&keywords=pen+roll" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/Niji-Roll-Multi-purpose-Pouch/dp/B0027A5A9M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1411576133&amp;sr=8-3&amp;keywords=pen+roll</a></p><p>NICE JOB!!!!</p>
<p>Years ago, my mother made something similar to hold my crochet hooks and knitting needles. She designed my grandmother's case to be able to hang on her knitting basket and still keep the needles organized and sorted. I made one out of vinyl for my ex to use as a travel case for his hunting and butchering knives. The knives were never stored until they were throughly air dried.</p>
<p>Great Job,</p><p>I love tools;what are the two items in between the hammer and the file (in step 2)?</p><p>I am looking forward to your next instructable.</p>
<p>Thanks for the feedback! The one next to the hammer is a file, the other one is a japanese Shinto rasp...</p>
<p>Great job! </p><p>Just a note for others who might follow your example: If you live in a damp climate, heavy fabric like you used is better for your tools than leather (and certainly better than plastic) because it allows moisture to dry, thus helping keep the metal from rusting.</p>
<p>Good point! I hadn't thought of that, but anything that helps keep rust off your tools is a good thing.</p>
<p>Fantastic Instructable! Finishing mine up now, I'll post pictures when it is done and link to my 'ible!</p>
Nicely done. Looks good. The red thread is a great touch.
Very nice. My dad has had one of these most of my life that he keeps oversized drill bits in (spade bits and the like).
<p>Wonderful instructions, great job! </p>
<p>Very cool! Concise instructions and great photos. I need to make one of these for all those unruly tie-downs.</p>

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