Introduction: How to Make a Toothbrush Bracelet

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Hello, and welcome to the illustrated step-by-step process for making a toothbrush bracelet. This is a great way to reuse an item that you may have otherwise thrown out. In six simple steps you will turn your toothbrush into a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory!

Step 1: You Will Need...

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Step 2: Pull Out Bristles

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Step 3: Boil Toothbrush

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Step 4: Remove Toothbrush

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Step 5: Wait

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Step 6: Bend

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Step 7: Ice Ice Baby

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Step 8: Strike a Pose!

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makeyourwristbands (author)2017-11-06

Wow!! what a fantastic idea really, its very cool. I will definitely make this.

samridhi12 (author)2015-05-19

can i use colgate flexy

samridhi12 (author)2015-05-19

they were not of my size what shall i do??????

AbbyL1 (author)2015-04-09

I have an electronic toothbrush! :(

char6708 (author)2015-02-10

looks cool

Bella99 (author)2014-12-31

Cool idea

Math Logic And Nerd Studios made it! (author)2014-12-21

Didn't urn out :-(

HowToBen (author)2014-09-14

Do not remove the bristles for effect.

schlieffenska (author)2012-12-03

I used to make these when I was a kid! Thanks for the memories! <3

MoustacheCat (author)2012-08-18

Something other than my hand.. Something other than my hand. MY SISTERS HAND!!

kamariden (author)2012-08-01

I first practiced with some clear plastic forks (from Costco) and had reasonable success. So I specifically bought a package of clear toothbrushes for this project. After over an hour of trying and retrying, and even at one point adding more water because it had all boiled away, no luck. It would curl but not enough to stay on my wrist. Eventually it broke. Fortunately I bought the pack at the Dollar Tree.

waterpolo1 (author)2012-02-11

My little sister had a birthday party and she was turning 12!
so my other sister and I went out to CVS and got like 20 of them, it was a pretty big hit for those kids and i have a few friends over and im 18. Can i just say im legit starting a new trend in my school...people are texting me and who knows how they got my # but they ask me to make them some!!

GofishRC007 (author)2012-01-14

Imagine you could make more than just a bracelet, a S hook perhaps, maybe even could make a chain of bracelets!

VAC (author)2011-12-19

Mine doesn't melt at all :( and it is exactly like the ones in the photos

shelley echtle (author)2011-09-14

Can't wait to make. I am going to go all out with rhinestones, buttons, lacquering with tissue paper. Just thought of all the kiddie toothbrushes out there... imagine that!

OMG... THANK YOU! You have inspired me!

mpolson (author)2011-08-24

Great instructions! Can't wait to make some for my daughter's orthodontist office! ;D

mboada (author)2011-07-21

can i do it with a colgate 360 tooth brush????

jackfr0st (author)2011-05-30

The toothbrushes I used had rather thick handles and would not get flexible enough or stay bent after boiling, So I put them on a small metal cup on a cookie sheet in the oven at 290 degrees for around 5 minutes, and it was able to bend and shape LIKE BUTTAH. I then put it inside a glass of ice water so the toothbrush was shaped around the inner circumference and left it to cool that way, and it turned out perfect!

Tim Temple (author)jackfr0st2011-06-26

290 for five minutes? You're playing the odds. Very close to melting or at least acting like cooked spaghetti.

Better to put it over something like a spoon handle. When it wilts, the core is still about 270 and holds the dimensions when you bend it.

JohnDeere312 (author)2011-06-14

I did this with red and purple! LOVE THEM! I got so many complements at school. People wanted to BUY some! I was pretty happy :)

jackfr0st (author)2011-05-30

Could you do this by heating them up in the oven? In the same manner you use to warp vinyl records?

poofrabbit (author)2011-05-25

This is cool, I'm going to have to give this a try

SPYBOOM (author)2010-11-07

ha ha ice ice baby

dmclaugh1 (author)2010-10-05

After about a half a dozen tries dropping it back into the boiling water, I have concluded that this can't be done with a Preserve brand toothbrush (the recycled plastic type). That is some heavy plastic, son.

Speak up if you've found otherwise.

Stormed Wolf (author)2010-10-02

This is the best insructable i've seen where people drew their pictures, and this is really simple and takse hardly 15 minutes

mhozzy1 (author)2010-03-02

 melt the bristles a little with a match or lighter to make everything a little easier to get out

kiva22 (author)mhozzy12010-08-31

doesn't that release any noxious fumes or gases when melting plastic?

janettetsmith (author)kiva222010-09-30

You could go outside and hold your breath.

Spyderman36 (author)2010-09-30

I have a sonic toothbrush, so i cant do this... =(

kiva22 (author)2010-08-31

awesome! just made one from my sister's old toothbrush whcih happens to be the same as yours! looks cool, was really easy to bend after a couple minutes in the water. pulling the bristles was tough though, and took a long time. a tip is to get and snip and much as you can, then boil and bend, and pull while still soft. works wonders.

spon-tan-ii-us (author)2010-08-20

Ugh >.< Cracked mine in half :p

Roulette Dares (author)2010-08-15

Just made one :)

techturtle2 (author)2010-07-16

Mine Melted... :(

techturtle2 (author)2010-07-16

My mom is a dentist so i made her one for her birthday.

Apple_4_life (author)2010-06-29

nice job dude! for once, when someone draws out their instructable, its actually really good!

casketry (author)2010-04-29

 "something other than your hand" xD rofl

Moosterz (author)2010-03-15

It worked just fine for me! I actually just dipped parts of my toothbrushes into the boiling water because when I used tongs to get them out, they left marks all over them. It's cool for a design idea though.

:D Great instructable!

craftyque (author)2010-02-27

I love how simply this is. It will be a great activity to do with my tween cousin. Thanks for sharing.

ghanim (author)2010-02-25

that let me laugh, it is so silly

ramchand (author)2010-02-19

 Wow..I made my own...Its really cool... :)

cmlara_2009 (author)2010-02-05

Well I decided to give this a try...
I couldn't find any of the just plastic toothbrushes so I had to settle for the ones that have some of the grips and what not.. though they seemed to work fine..

Here's how mine turned out.. The blue one was a bit harder to shape due to its thickness so try to go for a toothbrush that is relatively the same thickness...

abaneyone (author)cmlara_20092010-02-09

 Your picture made me want to do this project! The multi color affect of 3 toothbrush bracelets is great! Thanks for posting that picture!

cmlara_2009 (author)abaneyone2010-02-09

No problem!
They turned out really nice. I like how the band of color shows through the clear part of the toothbrush and yeah they look neat all together :)

Good luck with yours and post up pictures when you're done!

Lance Mt. (author)cmlara_20092010-02-19


abaneyone (author)2010-02-09

 Talk about new life for an old tooth brush? This is a great idea! I think people will think it's stupid until they actually SEE the bracelet(s) on arm. Then they'll be like, "How can I get one?" I lie the multi color affect of cmlara_2009's comment picture! Excellent!

hibou (author)2010-02-09

Your illustrations are wonderful!

GeekyGirl1103 (author)2010-02-07

Very nice instructions! Unique, but very effective. :]

I tried this, and it took only about 5-10 minutes Very nice effects. It was a little hard to take the bristles out, but that was the only road bump. I'm definitely going to have to do this again. :3

VampireFrancesca (author)2010-02-06

this is cool!!! i'm sooo going to try this....

elkorto (author)2010-02-06

Cool, I'll try to make.

Hamzah (author)2010-02-05

good instructions and good idea 

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