How to make a totally insane stop motion video

Picture of How to make a totally insane stop motion video
I didn't know just how epic stop motion videos were until I made one!
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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of getting started
The things you will need are:

a camera or a computer camera

the software IMOVIE

something to do your stop motion about

Step 2: The boring pictures

Picture of the boring pictures
take the thing you want to take one of, for example, a fruit cup. place it in a position and take a picture of it. then, slightly open it and take another picture. go on like this until you have about 30 pictures. this is the boring part, but there are very interesting parts to come.

Step 3: Takeing the pictures

Picture of takeing the pictures
take the pictures and put them on the computer. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THEY ARE IN ORDER, IF THEY ARE NOT YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE THEM ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   if you did this on a build in camera, this step doesn't apply.

Step 4: Hoping you have the software

Picture of hoping you have the software
the only software I have and know how to use is iMOVIE, so if you have anything else, go ahead and use it but this is the only stuff I can help you with.

Step 5: Load the pictures

Picture of Load the pictures
If you are loading the pictures from photo booth, it switches around some of the pictures so you will have to reorder some of them. 

Step 6: Pressing play!

Picture of Pressing play!
once you have the pictures how you want them, press command G. Enjoy! :) P.S. if you notice the pictures on the steps, it is part of on of my stop motion videos.If you want to see another cool stop motion video that I made, go to