I want to take my little motorcycle off a sweet jump. This is a quasi-scientific (structurally sound, anyway) way to make a totally awesome ramp that you can launch off of with your bike or small motorcycle.  

Leaning a piece of plywood on a milk crate is good and all, but as I am an adult with health insurance, a computer and access to CNC equipment, I want to make a solid launch that won't recreate the scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

I used Tinkercad to create a simple wedge ramp model that fit to particular dimensions that I wanted.  I'm only a little redneck, so my jump is only going to be around 9" high.

Then you can take the model into 123D Make to create a cross-sectioned model that will glue together and be really really sturdy.

Materials needed:
3/4" plywood
3'x4' 1/8" masonite board
Wood glue

Step 1: Draw It in Tinkercad.

First, in Tinkercad, (tinkercad.com) you can create the ramp's two main dimensions - height and length - with a Wedge from the Geometrics dropdown on the right.  I want a long, gentle ramp, rather than a short, drastic incline, so I'll start with 48" long by 9" high.  For now, the Tinkercad build area is limited in size, so just scale it down to inches (1" = 1', or 1:12) I made the wedge's dimensions 48" long by 9" high and 30"  wide (or4" x 3/4" x 2 1/2" at 1:12 scale).

Now you have a solid model of your ramp.  You can take it to 123D Make by downloading from Tinkercad

Under the Design menu, click Download for 3D Printing and save the file as an STL on your computer.

Nice work, I've never seen a jump made that way.<br/><br/>Remember to make it as long as your bike, so it doesn't tip when your front tire reaches the top!
Indeed a sweet jump. Where's step 5 with the video of you hitting it?
What bike is that? I like the style. Also sweet ramp.
I'm getting my costume prepared. Stay tuned.
That jump is totally sweet. Can we see a video of you taking the bike off it?
I second that! I want to see a video :D

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