This step by step will walk you through the super easy process of making a tote bag. This particular variation is a pretty heavy duty one, so feel free to adjust a bit if you don't need one that will carry such a heavy load.

You will need:
- Sewing machine. The walking foot machine at any Techshop location is a great bet, but any machine will do.
- Canvas or some similar woven fabric. Canvas is cheap and pretty tough so that was my choice. My bottom is
made of waxed canvas to make it a bit water proof and extra rugged, but we will cross that bridge when we get
to it.
- Webbing, enough to go up both sides, and make the handles at the very least. You can figure this by
multiplying the height of your bag by 4 and adding 2-4 ft depending on how big you want the handles and if you
want to wrap the webbing all the way under the bag (extra reinforcement).

This is a pretty basic project so I would say give yourself an hour and half to two hours tops.

Here we go!!

Step 1: Decide on the Size of Your Tote.

The first step is to decide on a size for your tote bag. In this example I made one that is about 12 in tall 12 in wide and 10 inches deep.

We start with the size so we know how much fabric we need. For this bag I actually grabbed a piece of scrap canvas I had and let my fabric dictate the size of my bag, but either way we need to sort out dimensions before we start making any thing.
Very net!
Wonderful construction and design! Looks uber durable!

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