Introduction: How to Make a Toy Lion by Alonzo

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How to make a toy lion by Alonzo

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

· Bandsaw

· Drill press

· Drill bits

· 1” belt sander

· Router table with ¼” round over bit


· Axles and wheels

· Wooden glue

· 2”x6” Stock

· 1/8” Ply

Step 2: Tracing Out the Lion

Picture of Tracing Out the Lion

First find a side view of a lion. Once you found one print it out. Then with a dark pen or marker trace your lion. But round off some parts like the tail. They are too hard to cut on a bandsaw. Make two dots for the legs for the wheels.

Step 3: Cut Out Template

Picture of Cut Out Template

Cut out the lines you traced on the lion. Then trace the template on 1/8” ply wood and trace it on there and once that is done cut it out on the band saw.

Step 4: Cutting Out Your Blank

Picture of Cutting Out Your Blank

Now trace the template on to a 2”x6” stock then cut it out with the bandsaw. Once you have completed place your cut out on a router table and router the edges then sand the edge to a smooth. Before you drill the holes make sure you have the right size drill bit it must be as big as the axles.

Step 5: Completed Project

Picture of Completed Project

Paint your lion any color you want but you don’t need to paint the whole thing you can just paint the main and eyes like I did on mine. Once the paint has dried then attach the axels and wheels. Glue the axels in place. Then wait for the glue to dry and you’re done.


EcoExpatMike (author)2015-10-08

Two thumbs up. I like seeing the wood grain.

You consider some clear laquer or linseed oil? Non toxic of course...

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