Introduction: How to Make a Tripod From a Telescope

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My mom has a concert coming up. She told me to get myself a tripod. But instead of wasting money I thought of making it from my telescope. :)
Thingies you'll be needing,
1. Telescope with tripod ( I got my screws from the actually telescope dismounted)
2. Camera ( I got a Samsung camera)
3. 5 mintues 

Step 1: Testing

Before you use my method use your own. Test out ways you can mount it. 

Step 2: My Scope.

Picture of My Scope.

My telescope was this looking :0

Step 3: Nut Bolt??

Picture of Nut Bolt??

I am not sure what I was using but I knew it fit in the camera hole ( the other one:)). So i put it in and scavenged another piece from the telescope.

Step 4: Now Place Your Camera

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You can now place your camera hole in to the screw. And thats it. It can also swivel if you have a good telescope. So ENJOY =D


Ranie-K (author)2011-09-13

Are you sure that your telescope's tripod hasn't already got a 1/4" screw on it already underneath that cradle? I know some telescopes' tripods has.

tassywashere (author)Ranie-K2011-09-23

I dont think so but yeah lots of them do.

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