How to Make a Truck Load Handler / Firewood Unloader


Introduction: How to Make a Truck Load Handler / Firewood Unloader

A simple 12v winch powered load pusher. A cheap alternative to a tipper deck, took less than a day to build & cost under $300nz



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    Love the idea been wanting the loadhandler but seems to be only for pickups. so if you are not using pipe and sleeve now. what makes it go straight and not tip over. could you post video of how it works now. thanks

    Hi fellow Kiwi! What part of the country are you from? Love the load handler - I've been working on something similar, but hadn't thought of the slider idea.

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    Hi There, I'm from Nelson. I now use it without the slider pole, now just the winch pulling the plank, it seems to be more efficient without the friction from the pole. Cheers

    Thank you. I do not have a truck and do not use firewood, but I enjoyed your video and appreciate your efforts.