Step 2: Picking and editing you photo

Picture of Picking and editing you photo
First you have to pick a nice photo. Make sure you pick a photo in which you will not cut away vital parts (such as eyes) later on.
Chose which part of the photo you want to use and cut out a square. Put the square in a new document.

On this new document you can:

Change image size to 30cmx30cm.
Desaturate the image.
Change brightness and contrast until you get the desired result.
You might want use the paintbrush to get rid of unwanted details in the background.
You might want to reverse the picture, otherwise you will end up (like me) with a mirror image of your original photo.
emily.f5125 years ago
 I  love this project :) But is it for the amateur? OK, I have my pic, I downloaded gimp, I got the pic to 300mmx300mm. I went to the gimp help site to work on the grid. I changed the grid to 30mmx30mm but nothing happened and now I am wondering what I am to do if I finally get the grid right, how do I break the pic into the pieces of grid.....help! I really really want to make this for a Christmas present.
 Got the grid right, it's 100cmx100cm LOL Now what?
yngla (author)  emily.f5125 years ago
The grid isn´t really necessary, it´s just my way to make the cutting easier. I guess there are a zillion more clever ways to do it :)
 I am going to try to cut and paste each square to a new file and try printing. Thanks for the help. 
I tried this; I found that some of the edges were to white to see, blending it in with the backround and making it difficult to cut. I used the pencil tool on the smallest setting and drew straight lines (tutorial on gimp website) instead of the grid. That way, when I copied and pasted into a new file, I could see the edges of the squares.
 I did it by printing the whole picture on a larger piece of tissue paper and cutting it into squares after it was printed out. It worked great!
Did this work? Likee did it come out just as great?
anniemagz5 years ago
does it have to be in black and white?  or will color work too?
T!KO5 years ago

Some people have said that GIMP works but im still trying to figure how to make my picture fit into 9 tiles with the program ... Which brings me to my question For those who have used GIMP how can do you cut the photo? Thanks fishytiko  

somaly_c5 years ago
I really want to make one, but i don't have photoshop. is there another program i can use?
maniacsteve5 years ago
I used GIMP and the "photocopy" filter to edit my photos, worked like a charm... :)
crwelter5 years ago
Can I use Printshop 23 program for this project? If not where do I go to download GIMP? 
Buskieboy5 years ago
This looks like a really great idea!  I'm going to do one with an old pic of my sister and give her it for Xmas! 
Oh, BTW, another great and completely FREE image handling program that I've been using for a couple of years now is Paint.net!  It's as powerful as Photoshop.

Thanks for this!  And Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!
teresa57896 years ago
is there another program i can use besides the photoshop?
gimp would probably work.
I'm using gimp right now and I can't make the spaces between the lines like she does. Does that really make a difference?
yngla (author)  bsk8rchik6 years ago
No. The spaces are ther to make it easier to remember to cut the picture when printed.
surfreak6 years ago
Any reason for the specific values of +80 and +30, or is it just to personal preference?
yngla (author)  surfreak6 years ago
Just personal preference, cause that was what worked on my printer. As a matter of fact I´m going to remove that sentence right now.
jleigh827 years ago
What program are you using to edit your phots?
gnargnar7 years ago
is there any way i could get a tile with that kid in the background's face on it? haha he looks so brutal!