Step 4: Printing your photo on tissue paper

Picture of Printing your photo on tissue paper
Obiously it is hard to put tissue paper into an ordinary laser printer. This is a nice trick to make it work.

Take your strips of 10 x 20cm tissue paper. Put double sided adhesive on upper and lower side.
Attach to middle of printer paper.

Do NOT use common tape as it will melt in your laser printer and make it useless (take my word for granted, I have tried)

Print the 5 documents on the 5 pieces of tissue paper
mununa9 months ago

this is so cool! love this!

diannem465 years ago
The Tissue paper I found was slightly shiny on one side so was able to iron the shiny side (just around the very edges)to the computer paper....it stayed there long enough to print....also tried ironing it(tissue)to freezer paper....works well to BUT don't use too hot iron wont be able to get it off......The picture I saved off the internet...D
Red Poppy.JPG
If you are having trouble with tissue paper, just use regular copy paper.  This whole project will work fine with regular paper, it just might show a little bit, but if you cut the paper the same size as the tile, it won't be a problem, especially if you use a high gloss varnish at the end. 
whiteja6 years ago
Does it matter if it is a laser printer or inkjet?
 In the instructions, the author recommends a laser printer. I used an inkjet printer and it eventually worked fine for me. I had a problem with the paper just getting soaked by the ink, though, and smearing everywhere.

If you're using Mac OS X, though, there's a place you can adjust the amount of ink used! From the dropdown menu in the Print dialog (It usually says "Layout"), choose "Advanced Printing Options." From there, you can move the ink volume slider down. Just moving it down one notch worked wonders for me.

Also, if you use an inkjet printer, there's no need for double-sided tape, because inkjets don't rely on heat like laser printers. Regular scotch tape worked fine for me.
drawkcab5 years ago
I have successfully run scotch brand tape through my laser many times (and even printed on it) without it ever melting...maybe it's the cheaper brands that's a problem or because I have an older printer...
Rismababy095 years ago
I used the decoupage glue to stick the tissue to the paper---Only about 1/4 inch on the top in the bottom, worked perfect because i didn't have double-sided tape!
when you added on the tape, is it on the front and the back of the tissue paper or is it just one side to keep it on the regualr printing paper
yngla (author)  litochristiniee5 years ago
Just to keep it on the printing paper. If you put it on the other side of the tissue paper it will melt and ruin your printer.
poopooeater6 years ago
I'm assuming this is tissue paper used for giftwrapping. Also, when I print, I get red/yellow/blue discolorations. Any tips on how to avoid this? I'm guessing that it is because I haven't adjusted the brightness enough. I also am doing this as a very important gift.
It could be that your inkjet/bubblejet  printer uses 3 colors to make black.
If yours is an HP, in printer properties, set it to print in greyscale with black cartridge only.
shinyshadow5 years ago
I have an idear that comes from printed circuit construction. Would it be possible (If using flat tiles) to print onto photo-paper pref glossy, then Iron on the image to the tiles.. It works for circuit boards, why not tiles.. also being that laser printers use toner instead of ink which is a plastic surely the image on the tiles would last well even in steamy bathrooms.. Its just an idea.. perhaps it works..
the ink keeps smearing on out tissue paper...any ideas??
yngla (author)  christianliz6 years ago
Did you use a laser printer? I guess inkjet writers could smear more.
We used a ink but finally got it after the twelfth time.
I am using ur idea for a very important gift... =)

can I ask what type of tissue? must it be single sheet? For example, some tissue is multi-ply.
yngla (author)  eclecticderby6 years ago
I used single sheet tissue paper. That´s the only kind of tissue paper I have seen. I guess you could make a single tile just to find out. Good luck/Yngla
thank you very much... I have a small problem though... what do u use as backing to glue the tiles to? Wooden pegs? What suggestions do you have? I am planning to glue the finished tiles to a glass photo frame... but I wonder if you have any great ideas.
yngla (author)  eclecticderby6 years ago
I bought a deep edged frame from IKEA (RIBBA), painted the wooden backing of the frame white and used a really strong glue (made for tiles) to attach the tiles. Like this:
How big is this picture frame?
Looks amazing! thanks... shall check out ikea then.
I have used in a caulking gun, liquid nails. It is permanent! Be sure it is bonded to a place you know it will be for ever! I used it for glass tiles and mirrors.
If you use an inkjet printer, won't the printing smear when you apply the decoupage glue? I'd really like to try this but only have an inkjet at the house so I'd like to hear if anyone has successfully done this project using an inkjet print.
arobz6 years ago
I can't find a laser printer to save my life. Anyone have any other ideas of how I can get this printed?
teresa57896 years ago
can't get the picture to print right. the tissue paper is on the paper but the printer isn't grabbing fast enough and it either rips or cuts part of the pic off. how do i make it work? is there some sort of way i can iron it from the regular paper onto tissue paper?
surfreak6 years ago
What kind of adhesive is this? I'm really at a loss for what to use... I'm thinking of just cutting out larger pieces of tissue paper and gluing the edges, but tape seems better... I just don't know what kind will work.
yngla (author)  surfreak6 years ago
I used some double side tape intended for scrapbooking.