Introduction: How to Make a Vase for a Single Flower

Picture of How to Make a Vase for a Single Flower

I introduce a way to reuse burnt out a light bulb to the vase for the single flower.

Step 1: Materials

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Prepare materials, burnt out the light bulb, pliers, a hammer, an awl, a bolt.

Step 2: Remove Parts

Picture of Remove Parts

Remove metal parts of the tip with the use of pliers.

Step 3: Break a Grass

Picture of Break a Grass

Break a grass of the tip with the use of the awl.

Be careful not to cut your fingers with the piece of broken glass!

Step 4: Pierce a Filament

Picture of Pierce a Filament

Pierce a filament in the light bulb.

Step 5: Wipe Off

Picture of Wipe Off

Wipe off silica powder in the light bulb with waste cloth.

Step 6: Transparent

Picture of Transparent

Turn the transparent light bulb.

Step 7: You Finished!!

Picture of You Finished!!

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DarrellS13 made it! (author)2016-01-29

Thanks or the idea, it only took me about 20 minutes to make!

ishiyasu (author)DarrellS132016-02-17

Thank you for comment!!

tkleinauskas (author)2014-10-06

I love this idea!!!

ishiyasu (author)tkleinauskas2014-10-08

Thank you!! I think a good idea from now on! :) (author)2014-10-06

ishiyasu (author)gasparyan.tk2014-10-08

It's Cool!! Thank you!! :)

china_he (author)2014-10-01

ishiyasu (author)china_he2014-10-01

Thanks!! :)

indiaritu (author)2014-09-30

cheap and beautiful stand

ishiyasu (author)indiaritu2014-10-01

I make it in various ways from now on! Thank you!!

Phoenix Flare (author)2014-09-30

Maybe you could do a guide:
How To Make A Vase Stand?

ishiyasu (author)Phoenix Flare2014-10-01

I made it myself!! Thank you!! ;)

ptanjung (author)2014-09-30

inspired.. :-)

ishiyasu (author)ptanjung2014-10-01

Thank you!! :)

Phoenix Flare (author)2014-09-30

Wow! Looks simple enough to make, and I just love it!!

ishiyasu (author)Phoenix Flare2014-10-01

Thank you!! Why not give a shot and make it for yourself?

hinagiku (author)2014-09-30

Looks really cool !!it would be an awesome room decor even without the flower good job :))

ishiyasu (author)hinagiku2014-10-01

Yes!! It's room decor too!! Thank you! :)

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-30

Awesome upcycle! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, upcycle!! Thank you! ;)

MicioGatta (author)2014-09-30

Really original!

ishiyasu (author)MicioGatta2014-10-01

Thank you!!

nqtronix (author)2014-09-30

This is genious, love it! To bad that the usual light bulbs are banned in europe, there are such wonderful ways to upcycle them. Thanks for share your creativity with us :)

ishiyasu (author)nqtronix2014-10-01

I want to take care of a thing!! Thank you! :)

Arman5592 (author)2014-09-30

This is creative !

ishiyasu (author)Arman55922014-10-01

Thank you!!:)

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