Step 6: Put on Mic Stand and Rock Out.

Now all you need to do is attach the filter to your mic stand. Here you can use the clips to adjust the height at the distance. I've read 2 inches from the microphone is standard but it's something you'll have to play with on your own to get a good sound.

Thank you! I used your idea of using a cardboard cylinder (oatmeal container) in building my own pop filter. I also used ideas from https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Cheap-Microphone-Pop-Filter/ .<br>Thanks again!
No problem. Hopefully it worked out well for you.<br><br>Keep on jamming!
That looks great! Thanks! <br> <br>I did a version of this kind of pop filter with a set of embroidery hoops from a craft store (they come in different sizes). I fastened the hoops to a cheap mic clip so it could be positioned with a second mic stand. Your clamp method is clever!
Nice! You could also use a coat hanger to attach it to the mic stand, and even make the ring, then bend a loop at the end of your coat hanger to go between the mic clip and mic stand. I think cheap trick did something like this for their first few recordings.
thank you for posting this i have bin messing with pantyhose and mics for a while but, i never got a good pop filter
Awesome setup! LOve the idea!! :) You are talented
Thanks. The clamps are kind of ghetto but they allow you to adjust it really easily.
i use the speaker covers from old school head phones, but yours looks a lot nicer, so good job!
I'm sure that it works well, I've made some makeshift ones myself, although I currently use a machined metal one over my condensers.
Is that mic a shure sm57?
Good Call. Yes is it.
Yeah the pantihose covers both sides. As for the sound it depends on your recording setup, how you want it to sound, etc.
Nice! Do the pantyhose cover both sides of the cardboard ring? Does it matter, acoustically, if they do or don't?<br/><br/>btw If you can get hold of an old <em>embroidery hoop</em>, from a thrift store or somewheres, it might make for an even easier build...<br/>
Thanks. My buddy was ripping on me for posting this online, glad to see I've already have two people who like it.
Nicely done. I have a great microphone (too bad LinuxH4x0r!), and we need one of these. Great job! +1 vote.
Nice! too bad I don't have a good mic

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