How to Make a Very Powerful BB Gun





Introduction: How to Make a Very Powerful BB Gun

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This is a picture instructable og how to make a very powerful softgun.
the softgun shoots 200 m/s+

Warning!!! I take no responsabilty for you, or your actions and pease, be safe! Never point it at something that can break or someone. be careful!

Step 1: This Is How It Works.

the drawing is not so good but hope you understand.
i drawed it in paint :P

Step 2: The Parts

You can get all the parts at almost any harware store or local supply.
The airpiston is from a bike pump and the spring is from an umbrella.
The parts in trigger mecanism i made from a metal pipe. The metal pipe in the trigger is alos from a umbrella.
I used no big power powertols like ( lathe or mill), but i had a grinder but you dont realy need it.

Step 3: This Is How It Fits to Together.

Step 4: The Trigger Mechanism

the trigger mecanism is as simple as it can get, and it worked verywell.
i was supose to use a spring in the trigger mechansim but did not find one so i used a rubber band:)

Step 5: End

sorry if i provided to little info i did not think of making a instructable when i started building ( infact i did not know about instructable)

here is a video of it shooting



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    Using bike pump as the piston is a very good idea, I have no idea why I haven't thought about it, I've been thinking how can I make a well sealed piston out of nothing lol, cheers for the idea! And I'd very much appreciate some further details and maybe info about the new version. Keep it up!

    i am working on one based of this design except it has a bb resevoir shotgun style pump action and a diffrent frame

    please give more detail about these pictures

    hey can you help me was the bike pump like a foot pump or one of those tube like ones. also where is the spring in the umbrella !
    please help !!!

    1 reply

    it's the small tubelike pump:) and the spring is in most automatic umbrellas, the spring is easy to locate if you have the right umbrella

    Can you please upload more photos? its a little hard to understand..

    Great idea, I have designed a similar paintball shooting one like this "I have in fact made a Google sketchup model of it so if you have Google sketchup have a look at "homemade spring paintball gun" on the 3d warehouse, its pretty cool) but the idea never got off the ground as I never had a powerful enough spring.

    1 reply

    cool, wil take a look at your gun!
    you can actually find very strong springs in some type of umbrellas. that's where I had got mine from.

    how do you load the bb, through the barrel?

    2 replies

    I used a stick to push the bb down
    ,but i have made a new softgun whit a magazine that charges itself.

    you should chuck a picture up, i have an idea to make a mag that reloads when you cock the spring, i haven't made it but i think i will when i get a chance

    Really nice! If you ever build another one it would be great to get more details on this. Regardless, thanks for sharing!