In this instructable I will show you the basics of iMovie and try to teach you how to put together a great video edit and slide show. This can be accomplished with a lot of other software but iMovie comes with a new Mac. If you own a Mac you already have this, SCORE!

I recently purchased a new MacBook and I am really enjoying it. I have learned a lot about it in a very short time. In the process of playing with it and surfing this site I was inspired by another post to learn something new about iMovie. I had this stuck in my head and thought it would make a funny video if I remade it with Instructables images as a slide show and used the audio from the commercial. What resulted was a cool video and an instructable on how to use iMovie that I believe anyone can wrap their head around.

Another quick note: I have no prior knowledge on movie production or professional image editing. I have been using Adobe Photoshop 7 for about seven years and just recently switched to Adobe Photoshop CS. All of my knowledge is self taught and/or comes from trial and error. This was also my first "project" using iMovie so please add a few comments.

Step 1: Materials Needed

An Apple computer with iMovie - I have OS X v10.5.2 with iMovie v7.1.1
Image editing software - I use Adobe CS v8.0 but anything you are comfortable with is ok.
Music track or sound effects
<p>Try picovico to make picture slideshow effectively. Follow this blog to know more about slideshow videos<br> <a href="http://blog.picovico.com/create-video-slideshow-music-photos/" rel="nofollow">http://blog.picovico.com/create-video-slideshow-mu...<br></a>thanks :)</p>
<p>Tried to follow your directions but the video shakes between frames/photos. Any advice on how to adjust that? </p>
Nice, featured twice. Great Instructable.
Yeah, I can't believe it either. Thanks! The video was featured first. I didn't have the instructable done at that time. I was still learning and getting everything correct. I took a lot of pictures to try to explain everything well.
If you want to make actual movies on your mac and you own iLife '08, then you can download <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/imovieHD6.html">iMove HD '06</a> which is better.<br/>
Thanks for the info. I heard iMovie 06 had HD capabilities, but I don't have to much I want to do with movies yet. I'll get into it more this summer for sure though. Thanks for checking out my 'ible.
I don't like imovie. I can't make stop motions.
Check out<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/imovieHD6.html">iMovie HD '06</a> for stop motions.<br/>
Thanks for the heads up.
What do you use to make stop motions? Yeah the quickest picture frame in iMovie is .25 seconds...
I don't, I would like to though.
Yeah after this project I might look into that as well. I will be moving and I'm not able to take a lot of my tools with me so my hobbies are going to change a bit. Stop motion animation has always looked cool and is something I'd like to play with as well.
Hahaha very nice, where can i actually see it?? i have the Tiger OSX version of iMovie, safe to say it sucks donkey genitalia, when you create a new project and import the video the file size jumps up to 3GB !!! or 16GB if its over 10 min of video. Leopard OSX is $80+ and i dont even know if my 2005 iMac can handle it!!
Yeah that sucks... this video was one minute 20 seconds and is only 28mb. I think Apple made a lot of effort upgrading the iLife programs for 08 to actually be more user friendly. I love it!
oh i found the video :D its very good
I was interested in how you made that awesome video! Awesome job, and thanks for making it into an instructable!
Thanks! It took longer than I though to post but I'm glad you like it. It is really easy to use iMovie.

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